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Species colored phylogenetic tree with associated protein domains.
The stripped multiple sequence alignment used to infer the phylogenetic tree is only 85 amino acids long

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Multiple Sequence Alignment information

Stripped length

Outlier/stripped gene information

Gene id Status Cause
VV08G02870 removed too diverged
ST02G008790 removed too diverged
PPE_004G06850 removed too diverged
TP2G10520 removed too diverged
AL7G23640 removed partial
AT5G45630 removed partial
ST10G025870 removed partial
BR08G11650 removed partial
CM00001G05570 removed partial
GM15G35910 removed partial
BR01G10110 removed partial
VV00G10230 removed partial
TP7G17700 removed partial
AL8G02850 removed partial
ZM08G26920 removed partial
CRU_008G02310 removed partial
ZM03G32840 removed partial
SL10G083260 removed partial
VV10G01090 removed partial
GM02G17031 removed partial
BR09G23370 removed partial
BR03G44930 removed partial
AT4G18980 removed partial
BR04G20410 removed outlier
BV0G26860 removed outlier
BV0G26890 removed outlier
CP00152G00180 removed outlier
CS03246G00010 removed outlier
EG0317G00020 removed outlier
MD00G344980 removed outlier
OS01G52730 removed outlier
OS07G32810 removed outlier
OS08G39470 removed outlier
PPE_004G01970 removed outlier
SL02G071550 removed outlier
SL11G051140 removed outlier
VV06G05400 removed outlier
VV10G01080 removed outlier
ZM07G22870 removed outlier