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Species colored phylogenetic tree with associated protein domains.

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Multiple Sequence Alignment information

Stripped length

Outlier/stripped gene information

Gene id Status Cause
VV00G00780 removed too diverged
VV00G00820 removed too diverged
GM01G24136 removed partial
CS08002G00010 removed partial
VV00G00680 removed partial
MD00G428500 removed partial
GM11G21464 removed partial
CS00315G00020 removed partial
PT15G10760 removed partial
MT8G038090 removed partial
PT00G10250 removed partial
PPE_003G10890 removed partial
VV00G00730 removed partial
MD00G299800 removed partial
LJ2G001590 removed partial
MT3G018925 removed partial
MD00G333430 removed partial
MD00G103360 removed partial
CM00016G08160 removed outlier
FV7G00140 removed outlier
MD00G051450 removed outlier
MD00G065670 removed outlier
MD00G155600 removed outlier
MD00G184940 removed outlier
MD00G365870 removed outlier
MD00G495860 removed outlier
MD03G021010 removed outlier
MD07G021550 removed outlier
MD10G009870 removed outlier
MD13G008890 removed outlier
MD15G025430 removed outlier
RC57648G00010 removed outlier
TC0003G04770 removed outlier
TC0005G11690 removed outlier
VV00G00690 removed outlier