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Species colored phylogenetic tree with associated protein domains.
The stripped multiple sequence alignment used to infer the phylogenetic tree is only 75 amino acids long

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Multiple Sequence Alignment information

Stripped length

Outlier/stripped gene information

Gene id Status Cause
PPE_001G05720 removed too diverged
GM08G46790 removed too diverged
GM15G29480 removed partial
CS00107G00150 removed partial
PT00G03880 removed partial
RC29844G00470 removed partial
CS00064G00150 removed partial
PT18G14850 removed partial
CS00064G00140 removed partial
GM19G00690 removed partial
PPE_001G05700 removed partial
PPE_001G07320 removed partial
EG0005G06120 removed partial
PT18G14820 removed partial
MD10G009350 removed partial
PT06G01780 removed partial
GR09G34020 removed partial
CS01588G00010 removed partial
CS00730G00020 removed partial
LJ1G061790 removed partial
GM09G39586 removed partial
LJ1G061890 removed partial
EG0010G27460 removed partial
AL3G35620 removed outlier
AT5G06040 removed outlier
CL09G08800 removed outlier
CP00019G00730 removed outlier
CRU_001G33490 removed outlier
CS00107G00100 removed outlier
GM05G09091 removed outlier
GM09G39578 removed outlier
GM09G39594 removed outlier
GM18G46680 removed outlier
ME06980G00150 removed outlier
MT2G090315 removed outlier
MT7G114830 removed outlier
MT8G094840 removed outlier
MT8G094850 removed outlier
PP00042G00730 removed outlier
PP00070G00600 removed outlier
PP00191G00630 removed outlier
PT09G16120 removed outlier
RC29904G01150 removed outlier