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GO term
nucleotide biosynthetic process

Cluster overview

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Available child term results

GO term Description Number of clusters
GO:0006065UDP-glucuronate biosynthetic process5
GO:0006164purine nucleotide biosynthetic process1
GO:0006177GMP biosynthetic process2
GO:0006182cGMP biosynthetic process27
GO:0006183GTP biosynthetic process11
GO:0006231dTMP biosynthetic process7
GO:0006233dTDP biosynthetic process3
GO:0006741NADP biosynthetic process20
GO:0009190cyclic nucleotide biosynthetic process1
GO:0009435NAD biosynthetic process1
GO:0015986ATP synthesis coupled proton transport7
GO:0019277UDP-N-acetylgalactosamine biosynthetic process1
GO:0019305dTDP-rhamnose biosynthetic process2
GO:0019358nicotinate nucleotide salvage2
GO:0042351'de novo' GDP-L-fucose biosynthetic process2
GO:0044205'de novo' UMP biosynthetic process8
GO:2001295malonyl-CoA biosynthetic process3

Functional clusters experiments

Exp id Data type Data filter Min genes cluster Max genes cluster Max cluster size E-value Tandems removal
1GOPrimary GO data only.230800.001X
2GOPrimary and orthology projected GO data.230800.001X
3GOAll GO data.230800.001X
4GOPrimary GO data only.101503000.001X
5GOPrimary and orthology projected GO data.101503000.001X
6GOAll GO data.101503000.001X
7GOPrimary GO data only.230800.001V
8GOPrimary and orthology projected GO data.230800.001V
9GOAll GO data.230800.001V
10GOPrimary GO data only.101503000.001V
11GOPrimary and orthology projected GO data.101503000.001V
12GOAll GO data.101503000.001V
13InterProNo filter applied.230800.001X
14InterProNo filter applied.101503000.001X
15InterProNo filter applied.230800.001V
16InterProNo filter applied.101503000.001V
17MapManNo filter applied.230800.001X
18MapManNo filter applied.101503000.001X
19MapManNo filter applied.230800.001V
20MapManNo filter applied.101503000.001V