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The Multiplicon view displays the aligned gene strings of a set of homologous segments.
Species Chromosome Range
Capsella rubella scaffold_1 CRU_001G17270 - CRU_001G17370
Arabidopsis thaliana 1 AT1G18450 - AT1G18520
Thellungiella parvula ch1-1 TP1G16390 - TP1G16470
Arabidopsis lyrata scaffold_1 AL1G19360 - AL1G19450
Brassica rapa A06 BR06G13120 - BR06G13190
Arabidopsis thaliana 1 AT1G73910 - AT1G74045
Arabidopsis lyrata scaffold_2 AL2G22800 - AL2G22960
Capsella rubella scaffold_2 CRU_002G19510 - CRU_002G19650
Brassica rapa A07 BR07G29640 - BR07G29760
Thellungiella parvula ch5-7 TP5G29110 - TP5G29270
Ricinus communis 30174 RC30174G03830 - RC30174G04180
Thellungiella parvula ch1-2 TP1G35850 - TP1G36120

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