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The Multiplicon view displays the aligned gene strings of a set of homologous segments.
Species Chromosome Range
Capsella rubella scaffold_1 CRU_001G08530 - CRU_001G08770
Arabidopsis thaliana 1 AT1G09600 - AT1G09815
Thellungiella parvula ch1-1 TP1G08210 - TP1G08440
Arabidopsis lyrata scaffold_1 AL1G09300 - AL1G09570
Brassica rapa A09 BR09G51010 - BR09G51120
Brassica rapa A08 BR08G29070 - BR08G29190
Prunus persica scaffold_1 PPE_001G53420 - PPE_001G53730
Theobroma cacao scaffold_2 TC0002G01380 - TC0002G01750
Ricinus communis 29765 RC29765G00020 - RC29765G00190

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