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Plastid-lipid-associated protein, chloroplastic (AHRD V1 **-- PAP_CITUN); contains Interpro domain(s) IPR006843 PAP fibrillin
Binding siteNameDescriptionLocationPosition
Motif_244ABRE-like binding site motifNot availableUpstream-1528
Motif_371DRE-like promoter motifThe Expression Profile Matrix of Arabidopsis Transcription Factor Genes Suggests Their Putative Functions in Response to Environmental StressesUpstream-747
Motif_627ACGTABREMOTIFA2OSEMExperimentally determined sequence requirement of ACGT-core of motif A in ABRE of the rice gene, OSEM; DRE and ABRE are interdependent in the ABA-responsive expression of the rd29A in ArabidopsisUpstream-1528
Motif_72GADOWNATSequence present in 24 genes in the GA-down regulated d1 cluster (106 genes) found in Arabidopsis seed germination; This motif is similar to ABREUpstream-1528