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Zinc-binding protein (AHRD V1 **-* Q948W7_PEA); contains Interpro domain(s) IPR006734 Protein of unknown function DUF597
Binding siteNameDescriptionLocationPosition
Matrix_101ERF5Not availableUpstream-163
Matrix_110ATABI4;AT3G57600Not availableUpstream-166
Matrix_117ANTNot availableUpstream-537
Matrix_138RRTF1Not availableUpstream-162
Matrix_146ORA47Not availableUpstream-163
Matrix_154AT1G22190;AT1G36060;AT1G64380;RAP2.4;AT2G20880;AT2G22200;AT4G13620;AT4G28140;AT4G39780;AT5G65130Not availableUpstream-161
Matrix_155RAP2.6;ERF110;ABR1Not availableUpstream-164
Matrix_190ATERF1Not availableUpstream-163
Matrix_22BES1A brassinosteroid transcriptional network revealed by genome-wide identification of BESI target genes in Arabidopsis thalianaUpstream-533
Matrix_234RAP2.3Not availableUpstream-163
Matrix_252RAP2.6Not availableUpstream-163
Matrix_261ATERF-1Not availableUpstream-163
Matrix_270ANTDNA binding properties of the Arabidopsis floral development protein AINTEGUMENTAUpstream-536
Matrix_272DEAR4Not availableUpstream-163
Matrix_287ERF2Not availableUpstream-163
Matrix_326AT5G07310;Rap2.6L;AT5G61890Not availableUpstream-162
Matrix_343AT2G33710Not availableUpstream-163
Matrix_355ERF10;ERF11Not availableUpstream-162
Matrix_377AT1G75490;DREB2C;AT2G40350;AT5G18450Not availableUpstream-163
Matrix_387ORA47Not availableUpstream-161
Matrix_395AT1G19210;ORA47;AT4G31060;AT5G21960Not availableUpstream-162
Matrix_406ATERF-7Not availableUpstream-161
Matrix_409DEAR3Not availableUpstream-162
Matrix_462ATERF-8Not availableUpstream-161
Matrix_473RRTF1Not availableUpstream-163
Matrix_493AT1G22985;AT1G71130Not availableUpstream-163
Matrix_517ERF12Not availableUpstream-166
Matrix_86CRF5;CRF6;CRF4Not availableUpstream-164
Matrix_91CRF3Not availableUpstream-163
Motif_155NODCON1GMOne of two putative nodulin consensus sequences; See also NODCON2GM; One of the consensus sequence motifs of organ-specific elements (OSE) characteristic of the promoters activated in infected cells of root nodulesUpstream-681
Motif_216PYRIMIDINEBOXHVEPB1Pyrimidine box found in the barley EPB-1 (cysteine proteinase) gene promoter; Located between -120 to -113; Required for GA inductionUpstream-150
Motif_221MYBCOREBinding site for all animal MYB and at least two plant MYB proteins ATMYB1 and ATMYB2, both isolated from Arabidopsis; ATMYB2 is involved in regulation of genes that are responsive to water stress in Arabidopsis; A petunia MYB protein (MYB.Ph3) is involved in regulation of flavonoid biosynthesisUpstream-199
Motif_262WRKY70Identification of a novel type of WRKY transcription factor binding site in elicitor-responsive cis-sequences from Arabidopsis thalianaUpstream-689
Motif_321TATABOX5TATA box; TATA box found in the 5'upstream region of pea (Pisum sativum) glutamine synthetase gene; a functional TATA element by in vivo analysisUpstream-642
Motif_392PALBOXAPCBox A; Consensus; One of three putative cis-acting elements (boxes P, A, and L) of phenylalanine ammonia-lyase (PAL; EC genes in parsley (P.c.); None of these elements (boxes P, A, and L) alone, or the promoter region containing all of them together, conferred elicitor or light responsiveness. These elements appear to be necessary but not sufficient for elicitor- or light-mediated PAL gene activation; See also Box P, Box LUpstream-163
Motif_563PYRIMIDINEBOXOSRAMY1APyrimidine box found in rice alpha-amylase (RAmy1A) gene; Gibberellin-respons cis-element of GARE and pyrimidine box are partially involved in sugar repression; Found in the promoter of barley alpha-amylase (Amy2/32b) gene which is induced in the aleurone layers in response to GA; BPBF protein binds specifically to this siteUpstream-155
Motif_615MARTBOXT-Box; Motif found in SAR (scaffold attachment region; or matrix attachment region, MAR)Upstream-693
Motif_653INTRONLOWER3' intron-exon splice junctions; Plant intron lower sequence; Consensus sequence for plant intronsUpstream-171
Motif_658GT1CONSENSUSConsensus GT-1 binding site in many light-regulated genes, e.g., RBCS from many species, PHYA from oat and rice, spinach RCA and PETA, and bean CHS15; GT-1 can stabilize the TFIIA-TBP-DNA (TATA box) complex; The activation mechanism of GT-1 may be achieved through direct interaction between TFIIA and GT-1; Binding of GT-1-like factors to the PR-1a promoter influences the level of SA-inducible gene expressionUpstream-150
Motif_682GT1GMSCAM4GT-1 motif found in the promoter of soybean CaM isoform, SCaM-4; Plays a role in pathogen- and salt-induced SCaM-4 gene expressionUpstream-151
Motif_69CTRMCAMV35SCT-rich motif (inverted GAGA) found in a 60-nucleotide region (S1) downstream of the transcription start site of the CaMV 35S RNA; Can enhance gene expression; Inverted GAGAUpstream-647