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Peptidoglycan-binding LysM domain-containing protein (AHRD V1 ***- D7LUB2_ARALY)%3B contains Interpro domain(s) IPR018392 Peptidoglycan-binding lysin domain
Binding siteNameDescriptionLocationPosition
Matrix_164AT1G02030;AT2G45120;AZF2;AT3G60580Not availableUpstream-130
Matrix_198STZ;C2H2;AZF3Not availableUpstream-130
Matrix_211MYB3Not availableUpstream-187
Matrix_299PFG3Not availableUpstream-187
Matrix_379RHL41Not availableUpstream-130
Matrix_436AT3G49930;AZF1Not availableUpstream-130
Motif_104CAREOSREP1CAREs (CAACTC regulatory elements) found in the promoter region of a cystein proteinase (REP-1) gene in riceUpstream-154
Motif_192BOXLCOREDCPALConsensus of the putative core sequences of box-L-like sequences in carrot; PAL1 promoter region; DCMYB1 bound to these sequences in vitroUpstream-187
Motif_292MYBPZMCore of consensus maize P (myb homolog) binding site; 6 bp core; Maize P gene specifies red pigmentation of kernel pericarp, cob, and other floral organs; P binds to A1 gene, but not Bz1 gene; Maize C1 (myb homolog) activates both A1 and Bz1 genesUpstream-187
Motif_658GT1CONSENSUSConsensus GT-1 binding site in many light-regulated genes, e.g., RBCS from many species, PHYA from oat and rice, spinach RCA and PETA, and bean CHS15; GT-1 can stabilize the TFIIA-TBP-DNA (TATA box) complex; The activation mechanism of GT-1 may be achieved through direct interaction between TFIIA and GT-1; Binding of GT-1-like factors to the PR-1a promoter influences the level of SA-inducible gene expressionUpstream-135