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Endonuclease/exonuclease/phosphatase (AHRD V1 ***- B4SS38_STRM5)
Binding siteNameDescriptionLocationPosition
Matrix_119RRTF1Not availableDownstream3613
Matrix_120BEE2Not availableUpstream-286
Matrix_138RRTF1Not availableDownstream3613
Matrix_14ZCW32;AT5G62610Not availableUpstream-286
Matrix_146ORA47Not availableDownstream3612
Matrix_158AT1G03040;LRL1;UNE12;LRL2;LRL3Not availableUpstream-286
Matrix_187CDC5Not availableDownstream3608
Matrix_224ERF1Not availableDownstream3613
Matrix_229CDC5A cdc5+ homolog of a higher plant, Arabidopsis thalianaDownstream3608
Matrix_234RAP2.3Not availableDownstream3612
Matrix_261ATERF-1Not availableDownstream3612
Matrix_264ATAREB1Not availableUpstream-286
Matrix_287ERF2Not availableDownstream3612
Matrix_288RAP2.3Not availableDownstream3613
Matrix_295ERF1Not availableDownstream3612
Matrix_320MYC4Not availableUpstream-287
Matrix_323BIM3Not availableUpstream-286
Matrix_326AT5G07310;Rap2.6L;AT5G61890Not availableDownstream3613
Matrix_330MYC2;TT8Not availableUpstream-286
Matrix_334AT3G23230Not availableDownstream3611
Matrix_343AT2G33710Not availableDownstream3612
Matrix_349CDC5Not availableDownstream3608
Matrix_355ERF10;ERF11Not availableDownstream3613
Matrix_360ORA59Not availableDownstream3612
Matrix_363RAP2.3Not availableDownstream3613
Matrix_374AT5G07580;AT5G61590Not availableDownstream3612
Matrix_378ATERF1Not availableDownstream3612
Matrix_406ATERF-7Not availableDownstream3614
Matrix_426CRF1;CRF2Not availableDownstream3611
Matrix_449BIM2Not availableUpstream-286
Matrix_462ATERF-8Not availableDownstream3614
Matrix_465MYC4Not availableUpstream-286
Matrix_473RRTF1Not availableDownstream3612
Matrix_480BES1Not availableUpstream-285
Matrix_484ATERF13Not availableDownstream3612
Matrix_493AT1G22985;AT1G71130Not availableDownstream3612
Matrix_50ATERF14;AT5G43410Not availableDownstream3613
Matrix_53MYC3Not availableUpstream-284
Matrix_86CRF5;CRF6;CRF4Not availableDownstream3611
Matrix_90BEE1;BEE3;AT3G07340;AT5G48560;AT5G50915Not availableUpstream-287
Matrix_91CRF3Not availableDownstream3612
Motif_116INRNTPSADBInr (initiator) elements found in the tobacco psaDb gene promoter without TATA boxes; Light-responsive transcription of psaDb depends on Inr, but not TATA boxDownstream3625
Motif_136SEF4MOTIFGM7SSEF4 binding site; Soybean consensus sequence found in 5'upstream region (-199) of beta-conglycinin (7S globulin) gene (Gmg17.1); Binding with SEF4 (soybean embryo factor 4)Upstream-152
Motif_179CACGTGMOTIF;BES1;PIF4;PIF5Phytochrome interacting factors 4 and 5 control seedling growth in changing light conditions by directly controlling auxin signaling;A brassinosteroid transcriptional network revealed by genome-wide identification of BESI target genes in Arabidopsis thaliana; CACGTG motif; G-box; Binding site of Arabidopsis GBF4; C. roseus G-box binding factor 1 (CrGBF1) and 1 (CrGBF2) can act as transcriptional repressors of the Str promoter via direct interaction with the G-box; Essential for expression of beta-phaseolin gene during embryogenesis in bean, tobacco, Arabidopsis; Tomato Pti4 (ERF) regulates defense-related gene expression via GCC box and non-GCC box cis-element (Myb1 (GTTAGTT) and G-box (CACGTG)); Isolation and characterization of a fourth Arabidopsis thaliana G-box-binding factor, which has similarities to Fos oncoprotein; Interaction between BZR1 and PIF4 integrates brassinosteroid and environmental responsesUpstream-287
Motif_194EBOXBNNAPAE-box of napA storage-protein gene of Brassica napus;This sequence is also known as RRE (R response element); MYC recognition site found in the promoters of the dehydration-responsive gene rd22 and many other genes in Arabidopsis; Binding site of ATMYC2 (previously known as rd22BP1); see E-box and MYCATRD22; MYC recognition sequence in CBF3 promoter; Binding site of ICE1 (inducer of CBF expression 1) that regulates the transcription of CBF/DREB1 genes in the cold in Arabidopsis; ICE1Downstream3594
Motif_279POLASIG3Plant polyA signal; Consensus sequence for plant polyadenylation signalUpstream-157
Motif_313ERF1 BS in AtCHI-BCore of GCC-box found in many pathogen-responsive genes such as PDF1.2, Thi2.1, and PR4; Has been shown to function as ethylene-responsive element; Appears to play important roles in regulating jasmonate-responsive gene expression; Tomato Pti4 (ERF) regulates defence-related gene expression via GCC box and non-GCC box cis elements (Myb1 (GTTAGTT) and G-box(CACGTG)); Nuclear events in ethylene signaling: a transcriptional cascade mediated by ETHYLENE-INSENSITIVE3 and ETHYLENE-RESPONSE-FACTOR1;Molecular responses to dehydration and low temperatureDownstream3611
Motif_320AGCBOXNPGLBAGC box repeated twice in a 61 bp enhancer element in tobacco class I beta-1,3-glucanase (GLB) gene;GCC-box; Binding sequence of Arabidopsis AtERFs; AtERF1,2 and 5 functioned as activators of GCC box-dependent transcription; AtERF3 and 4 acted as repressors; AtERF proteins are stress signal-response factors; EREBP2 binding site; Conserved in most PR-protein genes; Rice MAPK (BWMK1) phosphorylates OS EREBP1, which enhance DNA-binding activity of the factor to the GCC boxDownstream3611
Motif_321TATABOX5TATA box; TATA box found in the 5'upstream region of pea (Pisum sativum) glutamine synthetase gene; a functional TATA element by in vivo analysisUpstream-158
Motif_375ERELEE4ERE (ethylene responsive element) of tomato E4 and carnation GST1 genes; GST1 is related to senescence; Found in the 5'-LTR region of TLC1.1 retrotransposon family in Lycopersicon chilense; ERE motifs mediate ethylene-induced activation of the U3 promoter regionUpstream-371
Motif_43CCA1 binding site motifCCA1 binding site; CCA1 protein (myb-related transcription factor) interact with two imperfect repeats of AAMAATCT in Lhcb1*3 gene of Arabidopsis thaliana; Related to regulation by phytochrome;A myb-related transcription factor is involved in the phytochrome regulation of an Arabidopsis Lhcb geneDownstream3633
Motif_50AtERF-7;AtERF-4;AtERF-3;AtERF-1;AtERF-2;AtERF-5Arabidopsis ethylene-responsive element binding factors act as transcriptional activators or repressors of GCC box-mediated gene expression. Role of an Arabidopsis AP2/EREBP-type transcriptional repressor in abscisic acid and drought stress responsesDownstream3612
Motif_606NAPINMOTIFBNSequence found in 5' upstream region (-6, -95, -188) of napin (2S albumin) gene in Brassica napus; Interact with a protein present in crude nuclear extracts from developing B. napus seedsDownstream3586
Motif_658GT1CONSENSUSConsensus GT-1 binding site in many light-regulated genes, e.g., RBCS from many species, PHYA from oat and rice, spinach RCA and PETA, and bean CHS15; GT-1 can stabilize the TFIIA-TBP-DNA (TATA box) complex; The activation mechanism of GT-1 may be achieved through direct interaction between TFIIA and GT-1; Binding of GT-1-like factors to the PR-1a promoter influences the level of SA-inducible gene expressionDownstream3620
Motif_682GT1GMSCAM4GT-1 motif found in the promoter of soybean CaM isoform, SCaM-4; Plays a role in pathogen- and salt-induced SCaM-4 gene expressionDownstream3620