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ATP synthase subunit a chloroplastic (AHRD V1 *-*- D3WBN1_LONJA)
Binding siteNameDescriptionLocationPosition
Motif_258-10PEHVPSBD-10 promoter element found in the barley (H.v.) chloroplast psbD gene promoter; Involved in the expression of the plastid gene psbD which encodes a photosystem II reaction center chlorophyll-binding protein that is activated by blue, white or UV-A lightUpstream-103
Motif_342POLASIG1PolyA signal; poly A signal found in legA gene of pea, rice alpha-amylase; -10 to -30 in the case of animal genes. Near upstream elements (NUE) in ArabidopsisUpstream-111
Motif_377SURE2STPAT21Sucrose Responsive Element 2 (SURE2); A motif conserved among genes regulated by sucrose; See also SURE1ST; Found between -184 and -156 bp in the patatin (a major tuber protein) gene promoter of potatoUpstream-105
Motif_530CPBCSPORThe sequence critical for Cytokinin-enhanced Protein Binding in vitro, found in -490 to -340 of the promoter of the cucumber POR (NADPH-protochlorophyllide reductase) geneUpstream-109