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GTP cyclohydrolase 1
Binding siteNameDescriptionLocationPosition
Matrix_102WRKY21Not availableUpstream-467
Matrix_117ANTNot availableUpstream-91
Matrix_148WRKY60Not availableUpstream-467
Matrix_179AtMYB84;MYB36;MYB68;O49746_ARATHNot availableUpstream-404
Matrix_202WRKY71;WRKY28;WRKY8Not availableUpstream-466
Matrix_207WRKY10;WRKY57;AT2G44745;ATWRKY13;WRKY49Not availableUpstream-467
Matrix_220WRKY18Not availableUpstream-467
Matrix_245WRKY62;WRKY38Not availableUpstream-466
Matrix_249WRKY11Not availableUpstream-466
Matrix_293WRKY38Not availableUpstream-466
Matrix_314WRKY65;WRKY14;WRKY35;WRKY69;WRKY16;ATWRKY52Not availableUpstream-466
Matrix_316WRKY15;WRKY39;WRKY7;WRKY74Not availableUpstream-466
Matrix_329WRKY12Not availableUpstream-466
Matrix_357WRKY61;WRKY6;WRKY9;WRKY36;WRKY47;WRKY42;WRKY31;WRKY72Not availableUpstream-467
Matrix_370WRKY50;WRKY51Not availableUpstream-467
Matrix_376WRKY45Not availableUpstream-466
Matrix_384ATWRKY17Not availableUpstream-467
Matrix_415WRKY27Not availableUpstream-466
Matrix_455MYB111Not availableUpstream-404
Matrix_497AP3Not availableUpstream-544
Matrix_500WRKY43Not availableUpstream-466
Matrix_510AtMYB84More than 80 R2R3-MYB regulatory genes in the genome of Arabidopsis thalianaUpstream-29
Matrix_58WRKY55;ATWRKY54;WRKY46;WRKY70;AtWRKY41;WRKY53;WRKY30Not availableUpstream-465
Motif_104CAREOSREP1CAREs (CAACTC regulatory elements) found in the promoter region of a cystein proteinase (REP-1) gene in riceUpstream-26
Motif_165AP3SV40AP-3 binding site consensus sequence in enhancer regions of SV40, MMTV, MLV, IL2Upstream-482
Motif_182MYB2CONSENSUSATMYB recognition site found in the promoters of the dehydration-responsive gene rd22 and many other genes in Arabidopsis; see MYB2 and MYBATRD22Upstream-462
Motif_193GLK1GLK transcription factors coordinate expression of the photosynthetic apparatus in ArabidopsisUpstream-32
Motif_221MYBCOREBinding site for all animal MYB and at least two plant MYB proteins ATMYB1 and ATMYB2, both isolated from Arabidopsis; ATMYB2 is involved in regulation of genes that are responsive to water stress in Arabidopsis; A petunia MYB protein (MYB.Ph3) is involved in regulation of flavonoid biosynthesisUpstream-462
Motif_254MYB46;MYB83MYB46 and MYB83 bind to the SMRE sites and directly activate a suite of transcription factors and secondary wall biosynthetic genesUpstream-171
Motif_270ELRECOREPCRP1ElRE (Elicitor Responsive Element) core of parsley PR1 genes; consensus sequence of elements W1 and W2 of parsley PR1-1 and PR1-2 promoters; Box W1 and W2 are the binding site of WRKY1 and WRKY2, respectively; ERE; WA box; One of the W boxes found in the Parsley WRKY1 gene promoter; Required for elicitor responsiveness; WC box WB box and WC box constitute a palindrome; WRKY1 protein binding site; W-box found in thioredoxin h5 gene in ArabidopsisUpstream-465
Motif_292MYBPZMCore of consensus maize P (myb homolog) binding site; 6 bp core; Maize P gene specifies red pigmentation of kernel pericarp, cob, and other floral organs; P binds to A1 gene, but not Bz1 gene; Maize C1 (myb homolog) activates both A1 and Bz1 genesUpstream-401
Motif_336MYBMOUSEBinding site for mouse c-myb proteinUpstream-462
Motif_346SND1;VND6;VND7;NST1;NST2Global analysis of direct targets of secondary wall NAC master switches in ArabidopsisUpstream-473
Motif_51MYB46Identification of a cis-acting regulatory motif recognized by MYB46, a master transcriptional regulator of secondary wall biosynthesisUpstream-171
Motif_69CTRMCAMV35SCT-rich motif (inverted GAGA) found in a 60-nucleotide region (S1) downstream of the transcription start site of the CaMV 35S RNA; Can enhance gene expression; Inverted GAGAUpstream-2000