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strigolactone esterase D14 homolog
Binding siteNameDescriptionLocationPosition
Motif_285HDZIP2ATATHB2Binding site of the Arabidopsis homeobox gene (ATHB-2) found in its own promoter; Located between -72 and -80; Similar to the HD-ZIP-2 binding consensus sequence; ATHB-2 is regulated by light signals which function as a negative autoregulator of its own geneUpstream-1519
Motif_667TATABOXOSPALBinding site for OsTBP2, found in the promoter of rice pal gene encoding phenylalanine ammonia-lyase; OsTFIIB stimulated the DNA binding and bending activities of OsTBP2 and synergistically enhanced OsTBP2-mediated transcription from the pal promoterUpstream-281
Motif_85SORLIP5ATone of Sequences Over-Represented in Light-Induced Promoters (SORLIPs) in Arabidopsis; Computationally identified phyA-induced motifs; Over-represented in both light-induced cotyledon-specific and root-specific genes; Identification of key promoter motifs involved in the network of light-regulated gene expression by combined analysis of genomic sequence and microarray dataUpstream-66