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Gibberellin receptor GID1C
Binding siteNameDescriptionLocationPosition
Matrix_101ERF5Not availableUpstream-405
Matrix_105SPL14Not availableUpstream-369
Matrix_119RRTF1Not availableUpstream-404
Matrix_147ERF3;AT1G80580Not availableUpstream-405
Matrix_155RAP2.6;ERF110;ABR1Not availableUpstream-406
Matrix_181Dof5.7Not availableUpstream-134
Matrix_196TCP20;AT5G41030Not availableUpstream-434
Matrix_222AGL2DNA binding properties of two Arabidopsis MADS domain proteins: binding consensus and dimer formationIntron426
Matrix_224ERF1Not availableUpstream-404
Matrix_232TCP23Not availableUpstream-433
Matrix_243RAP2.12;RAP2.2Not availableUpstream-406
Matrix_261ATERF-1Not availableUpstream-405
Matrix_269FHY3/FAR1Not availableUpstream-222
Matrix_277RAP2.6Not availableUpstream-404
Matrix_287ERF2Not availableUpstream-405
Matrix_288RAP2.3Not availableUpstream-404
Matrix_295ERF1Not availableUpstream-405
Matrix_297TCP15Not availableUpstream-433
Matrix_321HRDNot availableUpstream-405
Matrix_326AT5G07310;Rap2.6L;AT5G61890Not availableUpstream-404
Matrix_334AT3G23230Not availableUpstream-406
Matrix_343AT2G33710Not availableUpstream-405
Matrix_344ATERF15;AT4G18450Not availableUpstream-405
Matrix_348AT5G51910Not availableUpstream-432
Matrix_355ERF10;ERF11Not availableUpstream-404
Matrix_360ORA59Not availableUpstream-405
Matrix_363RAP2.3Not availableUpstream-404
Matrix_372ANAC81DNA binding specificity of ATAF2, a NAC domain transcription factor targeted for degradation by Tobacco mosaic virusUpstream-748
Matrix_374AT5G07580;AT5G61590Not availableUpstream-405
Matrix_377AT1G75490;DREB2C;AT2G40350;AT5G18450Not availableUpstream-405
Matrix_405DREB2CNot availableUpstream-406
Matrix_406ATERF-7Not availableUpstream-403
Matrix_42AT2G45680Not availableUpstream-432
Matrix_426CRF1;CRF2Not availableUpstream-406
Matrix_454AT1G77200;ATERF38;AT4G16750;AT5G52020Not availableUpstream-404
Matrix_462ATERF-8Not availableUpstream-403
Matrix_48PINot availableUpstream-779
Matrix_482AT2G25650;AT4G00270Not availableUpstream-407
Matrix_484ATERF13Not availableUpstream-405
Matrix_493AT1G22985;AT1G71130Not availableUpstream-405
Matrix_50ATERF14;AT5G43410Not availableUpstream-404
Matrix_506DRNL;ATERF-4Not availableUpstream-406
Matrix_507TCP3Not availableUpstream-433
Matrix_86CRF5;CRF6;CRF4Not availableUpstream-406
Matrix_91CRF3Not availableUpstream-405
Motif_1GT1CORECritical for GT-1 binding to box II of rbcS; Transcriptional activation by Arabidopsis GT-1 may be through interaction with TFIIA-TBP-TATA complexDownstream1749
Motif_165AP3SV40AP-3 binding site consensus sequence in enhancer regions of SV40, MMTV, MLV, IL2Upstream-46
Motif_168IBOXI box; I-box; Conserved sequence upstream of light-regulated genes; Sequence found in the promoter region of rbcS of tomato and Arabidopsis; I box; Binding site of LeMYB1, that is a member of a novel class of myb-like proteins; LeMYBI act as a transcriptional activator; An evolutionarily conserved protein binding sequence upstream of a plant light-regulated geneUpstream-299
Motif_171TCP binding consensusfound enriched in peaks in chip-seq data for SEP3Downstream1798
Motif_181IBOXCORENTI-box core motif in the CAMs (conserved DNA modular arrays) associated with light-responsive promoter regionsUpstream-299
Motif_189CMSRE1IBSPOACMSRE-1 (Carbohydrate Metabolite Signal Responsive Element 1) found in the promoter of sweet potato sporamin A geneUpstream-375
Motif_194EBOXBNNAPAE-box of napA storage-protein gene of Brassica napus;This sequence is also known as RRE (R response element); MYC recognition site found in the promoters of the dehydration-responsive gene rd22 and many other genes in Arabidopsis; Binding site of ATMYC2 (previously known as rd22BP1); see E-box and MYCATRD22; MYC recognition sequence in CBF3 promoter; Binding site of ICE1 (inducer of CBF expression 1) that regulates the transcription of CBF/DREB1 genes in the cold in Arabidopsis; ICE1Downstream1796
Motif_195TATABOX4TATA box; TATA box found in the 5'upstream region of sweet potato sporamin A gene; TATA box found in beta-phaseolin promoter; sequence and spacing of TATA box elements are critical for accurate initiationDownstream1872
Motif_221MYBCOREBinding site for all animal MYB and at least two plant MYB proteins ATMYB1 and ATMYB2, both isolated from Arabidopsis; ATMYB2 is involved in regulation of genes that are responsive to water stress in Arabidopsis; A petunia MYB protein (MYB.Ph3) is involved in regulation of flavonoid biosynthesisDownstream2184
Motif_223LTRE1HVBLT49LTRE-1 (low-temperature-responsive element) in barley (H.v.) blt4.9 gene promoter; A new LTRE; A previously known LTRE is CCGACUpstream-516
Motif_26GRF7Arabidopsis GROWTH-REGULATING FACTOR7 Functions as a Transcriptional Repressor of Abscisic Acid- and Osmotic Stress-Responsive Genes, Including DREB2ADownstream1787
Motif_279POLASIG3Plant polyA signal; Consensus sequence for plant polyadenylation signalUpstream-597
Motif_286SEBFCONSSTPR10ABinding site of the potato silencing element binding factor (SEBF) gene found in promoter of pathogenesis-related gene (PR-10a); Located between -45 and -39; Similar to the auxin response elementUpstream-129
Motif_309GATA promoter motifArabidopsis thaliana GATA factors: organisation, expression and DNA-binding characteristicsUpstream-298
Motif_313ERF1 BS in AtCHI-BCore of GCC-box found in many pathogen-responsive genes such as PDF1.2, Thi2.1, and PR4; Has been shown to function as ethylene-responsive element; Appears to play important roles in regulating jasmonate-responsive gene expression; Tomato Pti4 (ERF) regulates defence-related gene expression via GCC box and non-GCC box cis elements (Myb1 (GTTAGTT) and G-box(CACGTG)); Nuclear events in ethylene signaling: a transcriptional cascade mediated by ETHYLENE-INSENSITIVE3 and ETHYLENE-RESPONSE-FACTOR1;Molecular responses to dehydration and low temperatureUpstream-104
Motif_321TATABOX5TATA box; TATA box found in the 5'upstream region of pea (Pisum sativum) glutamine synthetase gene; a functional TATA element by in vivo analysisUpstream-596
Motif_342POLASIG1PolyA signal; poly A signal found in legA gene of pea, rice alpha-amylase; -10 to -30 in the case of animal genes. Near upstream elements (NUE) in ArabidopsisUpstream-603
Motif_348WBBOXPCWRKY1WB box; WRKY proteins bind specifically to the DNA sequence motif (T)(T)TGAC(C/T), which is known as the W box; Found in amylase gene in sweet potato, alpha-Amy2 genes in wheat, barley, and wild oat, PR1 gene in parsley, and a transcription factor gene in ArabidopsisUpstream-349
Motif_353HEXAMERATH4hexamer motif of Arabidopsis thaliana histone H4 promoter;Identification of cis-elements regulating the expression of an Arabidopsis histone H4 geneUpstream-366
Motif_365ARF1 binding site motifARF (auxin response factor) binding site found in the promoters of primary/early auxin response genes of Arabidopsis thaliana; AuxRE;Binding site of Arabidopsis ARF1 (Auxin response factor1); Sequence found in NDE element in Soybean SAUR (Small Auxin-Up RNA) 15A gene promoter;Found in D1 or D4 element in Soybean GH3 promoter; This element was enriched in the 5'-flanking region of genes up-regulated by both IAA and BL;Dimerization and DNA binding of auxin response factorsUpstream-129
Motif_370TATABOX2TATA box; TATA box found in the 5'upstream region of pea legA gene; sporamin A of sweet potato; TATA box found in beta-phaseolin promoter; sequence and spacing of TATA box elements are critical for accurate initiationDownstream1874
Motif_392PALBOXAPCBox A; Consensus; One of three putative cis-acting elements (boxes P, A, and L) of phenylalanine ammonia-lyase (PAL; EC genes in parsley (P.c.); None of these elements (boxes P, A, and L) alone, or the promoter region containing all of them together, conferred elicitor or light responsiveness. These elements appear to be necessary but not sufficient for elicitor- or light-mediated PAL gene activation; See also Box P, Box LUpstream-376
Motif_404AACACOREOSGLUB1Core of AACA motifs found in rice glutelin genes, involved in controlling the endosperm-specific expression; AACA is also closely associated with the GCN4 motif in all rice glutelin genes and together have been shown to confer endosperm-specific enhancement to the truncated -90 CaMV 35S promoterUpstream-1
Motif_484RAV1-B binding site motifBinding consensus sequence of an Arabidopsis transcription factor, RAV1; RAV1 specifically binds to DNA with bipartite sequence motifs of RAV1-A (CAACA) and RAV1-B (CACCTG); RAV1 protein contain AP2-like and B3-like domains; The AP2-like and B3-like domains recognize the CAACA and CACCTG motifs, respectively; The expression level of RAV1 were relatively high in rosette leaves and roots; RAV1, a novel DNA-binding protein, binds to bipartite recognition sequence through two distinct DNA-binding domains uniquely found in higher plantsDownstream1796
Motif_49TATAPVTRNALEUTATA-like motif; A TATA-like sequence found in Phaseolus vulgaris tRNALeu gene promoter; Frequently observed upstream of plant tRNA genes; Found in maize glycolytic glyceraldehyde-3-phospate dehydrogenase 4 (GapC4) gene promoter; Binding site of TATA binding protein (TBP)Downstream1873
Motif_570POLASIG2PolyA signal; poly A signal found in rice alpha-amylase; -10 to -30 in the case of animal genesUpstream-414
Motif_615MARTBOXT-Box; Motif found in SAR (scaffold attachment region; or matrix attachment region, MAR)Downstream1834