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Tubby-like F-box protein
Binding siteNameDescriptionLocationPosition
Matrix_101ERF5Not availableUpstream-1117
Matrix_109GBF3Not availableUpstream-1309
Matrix_129ABF1Not availableUpstream-1308
Matrix_134ABF1Not availableUpstream-1308
Matrix_190ATERF1Not availableUpstream-1140
Matrix_192FHY3/FAR1Not availableUpstream-1311
Matrix_217BES1A brassinosteroid transcriptional network revealed by genome-wide identification of BESI target genes in Arabidopsis thalianaUpstream-1311
Matrix_224ERF1Not availableUpstream-1134
Matrix_252RAP2.6Not availableUpstream-1140
Matrix_259AT1G50680;AT1G51120Not availableUpstream-1137
Matrix_261ATERF-1Not availableUpstream-1117
Matrix_300bZIP68;bZIP16Not availableUpstream-1308
Matrix_331GBF1Not availableUpstream-1309
Matrix_378ATERF1Not availableUpstream-1133
Matrix_380ATMYR1Not availableUpstream-1272
Matrix_387ORA47Not availableUpstream-1119
Matrix_406ATERF-7Not availableUpstream-1119
Matrix_409DEAR3Not availableUpstream-1134
Matrix_416ASL5Not availableUpstream-1139
Matrix_462ATERF-8Not availableUpstream-1119
Matrix_47AtMYB77Not availableUpstream-1133
Matrix_480BES1Not availableUpstream-1309
Matrix_484ATERF13Not availableUpstream-1117
Matrix_50ATERF14;AT5G43410Not availableUpstream-1134
Matrix_55PIF3Not availableUpstream-1309
Matrix_57WIN1;SHN3;SHN2Not availableUpstream-1137
Matrix_65POC1;PIL1Not availableUpstream-1307
Matrix_7PIF4Not availableUpstream-1308
Motif_165AP3SV40AP-3 binding site consensus sequence in enhancer regions of SV40, MMTV, MLV, IL2Upstream-1168
Motif_179CACGTGMOTIF;BES1;PIF4;PIF5Phytochrome interacting factors 4 and 5 control seedling growth in changing light conditions by directly controlling auxin signaling;A brassinosteroid transcriptional network revealed by genome-wide identification of BESI target genes in Arabidopsis thaliana; CACGTG motif; G-box; Binding site of Arabidopsis GBF4; C. roseus G-box binding factor 1 (CrGBF1) and 1 (CrGBF2) can act as transcriptional repressors of the Str promoter via direct interaction with the G-box; Essential for expression of beta-phaseolin gene during embryogenesis in bean, tobacco, Arabidopsis; Tomato Pti4 (ERF) regulates defense-related gene expression via GCC box and non-GCC box cis-element (Myb1 (GTTAGTT) and G-box (CACGTG)); Isolation and characterization of a fourth Arabidopsis thaliana G-box-binding factor, which has similarities to Fos oncoprotein; Interaction between BZR1 and PIF4 integrates brassinosteroid and environmental responsesUpstream-1306
Motif_194EBOXBNNAPAE-box of napA storage-protein gene of Brassica napus;This sequence is also known as RRE (R response element); MYC recognition site found in the promoters of the dehydration-responsive gene rd22 and many other genes in Arabidopsis; Binding site of ATMYC2 (previously known as rd22BP1); see E-box and MYCATRD22; MYC recognition sequence in CBF3 promoter; Binding site of ICE1 (inducer of CBF expression 1) that regulates the transcription of CBF/DREB1 genes in the cold in Arabidopsis; ICE1Upstream-1306
Motif_200GBOXLERBCSG box; Conserved sequence upstream of light-regulated genes; Sequence found in the promoter region of rbcS of tomato and Arabidopsis; Binding with GBFUpstream-1308
Motif_218ABRERATCALABRE-related sequence or Repeated sequence motifs identified in the upstream regions of 162 Ca(2+)-responsive upregulated genes; see also ABREUpstream-1307
Motif_244ABRE-like binding site motifNot availableUpstream-1308
Motif_291ABFs binding site motifBinding site of trans-acting factor EMBP-1; wheat Em gene;Binding site of ABFs; ABFs (ABRE binding factors) were isolated from Arabidopsis by a yeast one-hybrid screening system; Expression ABFs is induced by ABA and various stress treatment; ABFs belongs to a distinct subfamily of bZIP proteins; Involved in ABA-mediated stress-signaling pathway;A plant leucine zipper protein that recognizes an abscisic acid response elementUpstream-1308
Motif_318CGCGBOXATCGCG box recognized by AtSR1-6 (Arabidopsis thaliana signal-responsive genes); Multiple CGCG elements are found in promoters of many genes; Ca2+/calmodulin binds to all AtSRsUpstream-1136
Motif_339ABRE-like binding site motifMolecular responses to dehydration and low temperatureUpstream-1306
Motif_426MYB58;MYB63MYB58 and MYB63 are transcriptional activators of the lignin biosynthetic pathway during secondary cell wall formation in ArabidopsisUpstream-645
Motif_448IRO2OSOsIRO2-binding core sequence; G-box plus G; Transcription factor OsIRO2 is induced exclusively by Fe deficiencyUpstream-1307
Motif_558BOXIIPCCHSCore of Box II/G box found in the parsley chs genes; Essential for light regulationUpstream-1308
Motif_627ACGTABREMOTIFA2OSEMExperimentally determined sequence requirement of ACGT-core of motif A in ABRE of the rice gene, OSEM; DRE and ABRE are interdependent in the ABA-responsive expression of the rd29A in ArabidopsisUpstream-1308
Motif_638ABRE binding site motifNot availableUpstream-1308