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UPF0496 protein 4
Binding siteNameDescriptionLocationPosition
Matrix_143GATA14;GATA6;GATA5Not availableUpstream-829
Matrix_203GATA9;GATA12Not availableUpstream-830
Matrix_333GATA3Not availableUpstream-829
Matrix_396AP3Not availableUpstream-1720
Matrix_408GATA12Not availableUpstream-830
Motif_243TELOBOXATEEF1AA1telo-box (telomere motif) found in the Arabidopsis (A.t.) eEF1AA1 gene promoter; Conserved in all known plant eEF1A gene promoters; Found in the 5' region of numerous genes encoding components of the translational apparatus; Required for the activation of expression in root primordia; Acts co-operatively with tef-box; Binding site of AtPur alpha-1; Plant interstitial telomere mitifs participate in the control of gene expression in root meristemsUpstream-1719
Motif_358UP2ATMSDUp2 motif found in 193 of the 1184 up-regulated genes after main stem decapitation in ArabidopsisUpstream-1719