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chaperone binding;ATPase activators
Not available
Binding siteNameDescriptionLocationPosition
Matrix_184AGL15Not availableUpstream-164
Matrix_21HSFC1Not availableUpstream-94
Matrix_396AP3Not availableUpstream-72
Motif_365ARF1 binding site motifARF (auxin response factor) binding site found in the promoters of primary/early auxin response genes of Arabidopsis thaliana; AuxRE;Binding site of Arabidopsis ARF1 (Auxin response factor1); Sequence found in NDE element in Soybean SAUR (Small Auxin-Up RNA) 15A gene promoter;Found in D1 or D4 element in Soybean GH3 promoter; This element was enriched in the 5'-flanking region of genes up-regulated by both IAA and BL;Dimerization and DNA binding of auxin response factorsUpstream-83