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RING/U-box superfamily protein
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Binding siteNameDescriptionLocationPosition
Matrix_127AtMYB15More than 80R2R3-MYB regulatory genes in the genome of Arabidopsis thalianaUpstream-527
Matrix_372ANAC81DNA binding specificity of ATAF2, a NAC domain transcription factor targeted for degradation by Tobacco mosaic virusUpstream-274
Motif_375ERELEE4ERE (ethylene responsive element) of tomato E4 and carnation GST1 genes; GST1 is related to senescence; Found in the 5'-LTR region of TLC1.1 retrotransposon family in Lycopersicon chilense; ERE motifs mediate ethylene-induced activation of the U3 promoter regionUpstream-1664
Motif_626ACGTTBOXT-box according to the nomenclature of ACGT elements; One of ACGT elements; See also ACGTABOX,ACGTCBOX, and CACGTGMOTIFUpstream-1485
Motif_660GT-3bPathogen- and NaCl-induced expression of the SCaM-4 promoter is mediated in part by a GT-1 box that interacts with a GT-1-like transcription factorUpstream-1187