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LOB domain-containing protein 11
Q9SK08;LOB domain-containing protein 11
Binding siteNameDescriptionLocationPosition
Matrix_156POC1Not availableIntron385
Motif_580L1BOXATPDF1L1 box found in promoter of Arabidopsis thaliana PROTODERMAL FACTOR1 (PDF1) gene; Located between -134 and -127; Involved in L1 layer-specific expression; L1-specific homeodomain protein ATML can bind to the L1 box; Y=C/T; A cotton fiber gene, RD22-like 1 (RDL1), contains a homeodomain binding L1 box and a MYB binding motif ; HDZip IV; Identification of a cis-regulatory element for L1 layer-specific gene expression, which is targeted by an L1-specific homeodomain proteinUpstream-1963