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LOB domain-containing protein 2
Q9LNB9;LOB domain-containing protein 2
Binding siteNameDescriptionLocationPosition
Motif_155NODCON1GMOne of two putative nodulin consensus sequences; See also NODCON2GM; One of the consensus sequence motifs of organ-specific elements (OSE) characteristic of the promoters activated in infected cells of root nodulesUpstream-376
Motif_254MYB46;MYB83MYB46 and MYB83 bind to the SMRE sites and directly activate a suite of transcription factors and secondary wall biosynthetic genesUpstream-383
Motif_419MYB4 binding site motifNot availableUpstream-383
Motif_43CCA1 binding site motifCCA1 binding site; CCA1 protein (myb-related transcription factor) interact with two imperfect repeats of AAMAATCT in Lhcb1*3 gene of Arabidopsis thaliana; Related to regulation by phytochrome;A myb-related transcription factor is involved in the phytochrome regulation of an Arabidopsis Lhcb geneUpstream-378
Motif_549TBF1The HSF-like transcription factor TBF1 is a major molecular switch for plant growth-to-defense transitionUpstream-696
Motif_86ACGTABOXA-box according to the nomenclature of ACGT elements; One of ACGT elements; Found in ocs gene; RITA-1 binding site; G motif; G motif and TATCCAY motif (a GATA motif as its antisense sequence) are responsible for sugar repressionUpstream-929