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Binding site
AGL1 binding site motif
Binding consensus sequence of Arabidopsis AGL1 (AGAMOUS-like 1); AGL1 contains MADS domain; AGL20 is a MADS domain gene from Arabidopsis that is activated in shoot apical meristem during the transition to flowering; AGL20 is also regulated by the Gibberellin pathway; Complex regulatory net works involving several MADS-genes underlie development of vegetative structures
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MapMan Description #Associated genes ath bra cme egr gma ptr ppe sly stu vvi
27RNA10 (27.78%)1201121002
27.3RNA.regulation of transcription10 (27.78%)1201121002
33development5 (13.89%)0000201200
33.99development.unspecified5 (13.89%)0000201200
27.3.22RNA.regulation of transcription.HB,Homeobox transcription factor family4 (11.11%)0100020001
27.3.24RNA.regulation of transcription.MADS box transcription factor family3 (8.33%)1100001000 (8.33%)1001100000
20stress2 (5.56%)0000011000
20.2stress.abiotic2 (5.56%)0000011000
20.2.99stress.abiotic.unspecified2 (5.56%)0000011000
27.3.4RNA.regulation of transcription.ARF, Auxin Response Factor family2 (5.56%)0001100000
29protein2 (5.56%)0000110000
29.4protein.postranslational modification2 (5.56%)0000110000
30signalling2 (5.56%)0000110000
30.11signalling.light2 (5.56%)0000110000
27.3.50RNA.regulation of transcription.General Transcription1 (2.78%)0000000001