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ATB2/AtbZIP53/AtbZIP44/GBF5 BS in ProDH
PRE (Pro- or hypoosmolarity-responsive element) found in the promoter region of proline dehydrogenase (ProDH) gene in Arabidopsis; Core of 9-bp sequence ACTCATCCT which is necessary for the efficient expression of ProDH in response to L-Pro and hypoosmolarity; ATB2-binding site; Similar to GCN4 motif (ATGA(C/G)TCAT); ATB2 subgroup of bZIP transcription factors function as transcriptional activator for hypoosmolarity-inducible ProDH; A Novel Subgroup of bZIP Proteins Functions as Transctiptional Activators in Hypsosmolarity-Responsive Expression of the ProDH gene in Arabidopsis
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Associated Transcription Factors

Transcription factor Alias Description Orthologs Associated motifs
AT4G34590G-box binding factor 6GBF6View orthologsView associated binding sites
AT1G75390basic leucine-zipper 44AtbZIP44View orthologsView associated binding sites
AT3G62420basic region/leucine zipper motif 53basic region/leucine zipper motif 53View orthologsView associated binding sites
AT2G18160basic leucine-zipper 2bZIP2View orthologsView associated binding sites

Gene List

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gene_id species strand chr type
GM01G00780 gma - Gm01 coding
GM02G04760 gma + Gm02 coding
GM02G11711 gma + Gm02 coding
GM02G16680 gma + Gm02 coding
GM03G24803 gma + Gm03 coding
GM03G28050 gma + Gm03 coding
GM03G30930 gma - Gm03 coding
GM03G40021 gma - Gm03 coding
GM04G34360 gma - Gm04 coding
GM05G35900 gma + Gm05 coding
GM06G15960 gma - Gm06 coding
GM06G32850 gma + Gm06 coding
GM07G11340 gma - Gm07 coding
GM07G17640 gma - Gm07 coding
GM07G18225 gma - Gm07 coding
GM08G03940 gma - Gm08 coding
GM08G40551 gma + Gm08 coding
GM09G11615 gma - Gm09 coding
GM09G39060 gma + Gm09 coding
GM10G03360 gma - Gm10 coding

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