Selection of genes

Index of genes with 3 constraints:
  • gene family : HOM000245
  • species : aly
  • interpro domain : IPR012337
  • The 'interpro' flag in the table indicates whether or not the gene adheres to all 3 constraints, or just to the top 2 constraints (see phylogenetic profile of the previous page.

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    gene_id species description comment strand chr outlier interpro
    AL1G10070 aly name=fgenesh2_kg.1__1090__AT1G10230.1;pid=471136;prot=eq;tid=471136 + scaffold_1 No false
    AL1G11560 aly name=fgenesh2_kg.1__1222__AT1G11320.1;pid=471268;prot=eq;tid=471268 + scaffold_1 Yes false
    AL1G21210 aly name=scaffold_102256.1;pid=889462;prot=eq;tid=920975 + scaffold_1 No false
    AL2G13820 aly name=scaffold_201394.1;pid=894320;prot=eq;tid=925833 + scaffold_2 No false
    AL3G23990 aly name=scaffold_302606.1;pid=898636;prot=eq;tid=930149 - scaffold_3 No false
    AL3G24000 aly name=scaffold_302607.1;pid=898637;prot=eq;tid=930150 - scaffold_3 No false
    AL3G24010 aly name=scaffold_302608.1;pid=898638;prot=eq;tid=930151 - scaffold_3 No false
    AL3G35840 aly name=scaffold_303819.1;pid=899849;prot=eq;tid=931362 + scaffold_3 No false
    AL4G01300 aly name=fgenesh2_kg.4__129__AT1G20140.1;pid=481069;prot=eq;tid=481069 - scaffold_4 No false
    AL5G02780 aly name=scaffold_500291.1;pid=904587;prot=eq;tid=936100 + scaffold_5 No false
    AL5G02790 aly name=scaffold_500292.1;pid=904588;prot=eq;tid=936101 + scaffold_5 No false
    AL5G02800 aly name=fgenesh2_kg.5__216__AT2G03190.1;pid=484224;prot=eq;tid=484224 + scaffold_5 No false
    AL5G23010 aly name=scaffold_502393.1;pid=906689;prot=eq;tid=938202 + scaffold_5 No false
    AL5G30610 aly name=scaffold_503225.1;pid=907521;prot=eq;tid=939034 - scaffold_5 No false
    AL5G30620 aly name=scaffold_503226.1;pid=907522;prot=eq;tid=939035 - scaffold_5 No false
    AL7G06480 aly name=scaffold_700685.1;pid=912943;prot=eq;tid=944456 + scaffold_7 No false
    AL8G09680 aly name=scaffold_800989.1;pid=917589;prot=eq;tid=949102 + scaffold_8 No false
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