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Index of genes with 3 constraints:
  • gene family : HOM000060
  • species : fve
  • interpro domain : IPR012337
  • The 'interpro' flag in the table indicates whether or not the gene adheres to all 3 constraints, or just to the top 2 constraints (see phylogenetic profile of the previous page.

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    gene_id species description comment strand chr outlier interpro
    FV0G51460 fve Primosomal protein N' (probable) transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=gene02770 - scf0512888 No false
    FV0G51470 fve FAD-dependent cmnm(5)s(2)U34 oxidoreductase (probable) transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=gene33811 - scf0512888 No false
    FV0G62410 fve Protein E248R (pE248R) (probable) transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=gene33516 + scf0511136 No false
    FV1G19280 fve ATP-dependent DNA helicase PIF1 (probable) transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=gene33959 - LG1 No false
    FV1G27730 fve Probable mobile endonuclease C transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=gene34238 - LG1 No false
    FV2G47560 fve ATP-dependent DNA helicase PIF1 (probable) transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=gene35216 + LG2 No false
    FV3G00180 fve Probable deoxyuridine 5'-triphosphate nucleotidohydrolase (dUTPase) transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=gene35038 - LG3 No false
    FV3G24380 fve DNA repair and recombination protein PIF1, Precursor (probable) transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=gene03144 - LG3 No false
    FV3G24480 fve ATP-dependent DNA helicase PIF1 (probable) transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=gene34798 - LG3 No false
    FV3G28820 fve Homeobox protein 4 (DdHbx-4) (probable) transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=gene34379 + LG3 No false
    FV3G28830 fve ATP-dependent DNA helicase PIF1 (probable) transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=gene34380 + LG3 No false
    FV3G33500 fve Zinc finger protein 77 (probable) transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=gene34539 - LG3 No false
    FV3G40920 fve Cytochrome P450 2C23 (probable) transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=gene00311 + LG3 Yes false
    FV5G29220 fve Glutathione S-transferase P (probable) transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=gene31523 - LG5 Yes false
    FV5G33240 fve ATP-dependent DNA helicase PIF1 (probable) transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=gene34505 - LG5 No false
    FV5G33250 fve Mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase 4 (MEK kinase 4) (probable) transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=gene34506 - LG5 No false
    FV5G40880 fve DNA repair and recombination protein pif1, mitochondrial, Precursor (probable) transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=gene34697 + LG5 No false
    FV6G13710 fve hypothetical protein transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=gene35084 + LG6 No false
    FV6G20070 fve V-type proton ATPase 116 kDa subunit a isoform 2 (V-ATPase 116 kDa isoform a2) (probable) transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=gene35141 + LG6 No false
    FV6G25310 fve S-adenosylmethionine:tRNA ribosyltransferase-isomerase (probable) transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=gene34957 + LG6 No false
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