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regulation of long-day photoperiodism, flowering
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AT2G22630 ath Encodes a MADs domain containing protein involved in promoting flowering. Loss of function mutations show delayed flowering in long days and reduced levels of LFY and AP1 expression.;AGAMOUS-like 17 transcript=eq;prot=eq; GO:0048578 IMP
AT1G22770 ath Together with CONSTANTS (CO) and FLOWERING LOCUS T (FT), GIGANTEA promotes flowering under long days in a circadian clock-controlled flowering pathway. GI acts earlier than CO and FT in the pathway by increasing CO and FT mRNA abundance. Located in the nucleus. Regulates several developmental processes, including photoperiod-mediated flowering, phytochrome B signaling, circadian clock, carbohydrate metabolism, and cold stress response. The gene's transcription is controlled by the circadian clock and it is post-transcriptionally regulated by light and dark. Forms a complex with FKF1 on the CO promoter to regulate CO expression.;gigantea protein (GI) transcript=eq;prot=eq; GO:0048578 IMP
VV18G00020 vvi name=GSVIVG01001406001; transcript=eq;prot=eq;name=GSVIVG01001406001;pid=GSVIVG01001406001;tid=GSVIVT01001406001; GO:0048578 ISO
CP00026G00820 cpa name=evm.TU.supercontig_26.82;pid=evm.TU.supercontig_26.82;prot=eq;transcript=eq GO:0048578 ISO
PT05G20730 ptr PACid=17319005;name=POPTR_0005s21870;alias=pt032121m,Pt-GI.1,estExt_fgenesh4_pg.C_LG_V1131; transcript=eq;prot=eq;protein_id=17319005; GO:0048578 ISO
PT02G06300 ptr PACid=17329414;name=POPTR_0002s06490;alias=pt019781m; transcript=eq;prot=eq;protein_id=17329414; GO:0048578 ISO
CP00026G00830 cpa name=evm.TU.supercontig_26.83;pid=evm.TU.supercontig_26.83;prot=eq;transcript=eq GO:0048578 ISO
AL1G24390 aly name=scaffold_102583.1;pid=889789;prot=eq;tid=921302 GO:0048578 ISO
RC29863G00570 rco name=29863.m001097;gene=29863.t000057;note=29863.t000057;transcript=eq;prot=eq GO:0048578 ISO
ME07519G00470 mes PACid=17960052;RNAname=cassava4.1_000500m;GeneName=cassava4.1_000500m.g;transcript=eq;prot=eq GO:0048578 ISO
TC08G013500 tca RNAname=Tc08_t013500;GeneName=Tc08_g013500;transcript=eq;prot=eq GO:0048578 ISO
MD10G002280 mdo transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=MDP0000281110;tid=MDP0000281110;contig=MDC006750.87 GO:0048578 ISO
MD11G024560 mdo transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=MDP0000171530;tid=MDP0000171530;contig=MDC003545.430 GO:0048578 ISO
FV2G21000 fve Protein GIGANTEA (putative) transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=gene27581 GO:0048578 ISO
GM20G30980 gma 20 pid=16317438;transcript=eq;prot=eq;name=Glyma20g30980.1 GO:0048578 ISO
GM10G36600 gma 10 pid=16281199;transcript=eq;prot=eq;name=Glyma10g36600.1 GO:0048578 ISO
LJ0G262700 lja partial;prot=eq;transcript=eq;scaffold=LjSGA_088067;name=LjSGA_088067.1 GO:0048578 ISO
MT1G098160 mtr Protein GIGANTEA (AHRD V1 ***- Q9SQI2) transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=Medtr1g098160.2; GO:0048578 ISO
GM09G07240 gma 09 pid=16275064;transcript=eq;prot=eq;name=Glyma09g07240.1 GO:0048578 ISO
AT1G08260 ath Similar to POL2A, DNA polymerase epsilon catalytic subunit. Essential for Arabidopsis growth. Null homozygotes are embryo lethal, partial loss of function alleles show embryo patterning defects such as root pole displacement. Delayed progression through cell cycle results in embryos with smaller numbers of larger cells.;DNA polymerase epsilon catalytic subunit transcript=eq;prot=eq; GO:0048579 IMP
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