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replication fork protection
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gene_id species description comment go evidence
AL3G02010 aly name=scaffold_300229.1;pid=896259;prot=eq;tid=927772 GO:0048478 IEA
AT3G02820 ath zinc knuckle (CCHC-type) family protein; FUNCTIONS IN: zinc ion binding, nucleic acid binding; INVOLVED IN: cell cycle, replication fork protection, response to DNA damage stimulus; LOCATED IN: nucleus, chloroplast; EXPRESSED IN: 20 plant structures; EXPRESSED DURING: 15 growth stages; CONTAINS InterPro DOMAIN/s: Replication fork protection component Swi3 (InterPro:IPR012923), Zinc finger, CCHC-type (InterPro:IPR001878); Has 415 Blast hits to 415 proteins in 134 species: Archae - 0; Bacteria - 4; Metazoa - 156; Fungi - 94; Plants - 93; Viruses - 28; Other Eukaryotes - 40 (source: NCBI BLink).;zinc knuckle (CCHC-type) family protein transcript=eq;prot=eq; GO:0048478 IEA
BD1G29530 bdi zinc ion binding (Blast2GO) pid=Bradi1g29530.1;tid=Bradi1g29530.1;GeneName=Bradi1g29530;transcript=eq;prot=eq GO:0048478 IEA
BD1G32480 bdi zinc ion binding (Blast2GO) pid=Bradi1g32480.1;tid=Bradi1g32480.1;GeneName=Bradi1g32480;transcript=eq;prot=eq GO:0048478 IEA
CP00002G01000 cpa name=evm.TU.supercontig_2.100;pid=evm.TU.supercontig_2.100;prot=eq;transcript=eq GO:0048478 IEA
CR12G05970 cre name=Chlre2_kg.scaffold_11000227;pid=144682;prot=eq;tid=144682;transcript=eq GO:0048478 IEA
FV4G23970 fve TIMELESS-interacting protein (probable) transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=gene00860 GO:0048478 IEA
GM12G02890 gma 12 pid=16286172;transcript=eq;prot=eq;name=Glyma12g02890.1 GO:0048478 IEA
GM11G10610 gma 11 pid=16283387;transcript=eq;prot=eq;name=Glyma11g10610.1 GO:0048478 IEA
LJ0G445180 lja prot=eq;transcript=eq;scaffold=LjT04D09;name=LjT04D09.40.nd GO:0048478 IEA
MD16G008360 mdo transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=MDP0000284515;tid=MDP0000284515;contig=MDC006455.384 GO:0048478 IEA
MD13G000630 mdo transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=MDP0000277069;tid=MDP0000277069;contig=MDC004296.128 GO:0048478 IEA
ME00999G00080 mes PACid=17968601;RNAname=cassava4.1_013212m;GeneName=cassava4.1_013212m.g;transcript=eq;prot=eq GO:0048478 IEA
MRCC299_11G02950 mrcc299 name=EuGene.1100010298;pid=62512;prot=eq;tid=62512;transcript=eq GO:0048478 IEA
MT4G075130 mtr TIMELESS-interacting protein (AHRD V1 *-*- Q5F416); contains Interpro domain(s) IPR012923 Replication fork protection component Swi3 transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=Medtr4g075130.1; GO:0048478 IEA
OL04G04830 olu NULL name=ost_04_022_079,pid=92669,prot=eq,tid=92669 GO:0048478 IEA
OSINDICA_02G50740 osaindica source=BGI China;type=FgeneSH; transcript=eq;prot=eq;name=OsIFCC015511; GO:0048478 IEA
OS02G52460 osa zinc knuckle domain containing protein, expressed transcript=eq;prot=eq; GO:0048478 IEA
OT04G05190 ota name=OT04G05190;protein_id=CAL51917.1;prot=eq GO:0048478 IEA
PP00535G00010 ppa NULL name=estExt_fgenesh1_pg.C_5350001,pid=173665,prot=eq,tid=173665 GO:0048478 IEA
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