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AT3G12280 ath Encodes a retinoblastoma homologue RETINOBLASTOMA-RELATED protein (RBR or RBR1). RBR controls nuclear proliferation in the female gametophyte. Also required for correct differentiation of male gametophytic cell types. Regulates stem cell maintenance in Arabidopsis roots. Involved in the determination of cell cycle arrest in G1 phase after sucrose starvation. RBR1 is also involved in regulation of imprinted genes. Together with MSI1 it represses the expression of MET1. This in turn activates expression of the imprinted genes FIS2 and FWA.;retinoblastoma-related 1 transcript=eq;prot=eq; GO:0009553 IMP
AT4G00020 ath Ortholog of breast cancer susceptibility protein 2. Essential at meiosis. Interacts with either AtRad51 or AtDmc1 and ATDSS1(I). Involved in embryo sac development.;BREAST CANCER 2 like 2A transcript=eq;prot=eq; GO:0009553 IMP
AT1G16280 ath RNA helicase 36 (RH36); FUNCTIONS IN: helicase activity, ATP binding, ATP-dependent helicase activity, nucleic acid binding; INVOLVED IN: post-embryonic development, embryo sac development, rRNA processing; LOCATED IN: nucleus; EXPRESSED IN: 30 plant structures; EXPRESSED DURING: 13 growth stages; CONTAINS InterPro DOMAIN/s: RNA helicase, DEAD-box type, Q motif (InterPro:IPR014014), DNA/RNA helicase, DEAD/DEAH box type, N-terminal (InterPro:IPR011545), RNA helicase, ATP-dependent, DEAD-box, conserved site (InterPro:IPR000629), DEAD-like helicase, N-terminal (InterPro:IPR014001), DNA/RNA helicase, C-terminal (InterPro:IPR001650), Helicase, superfamily 1/2, ATP-binding domain (InterPro:IPR014021); BEST Arabidopsis thaliana protein match is: DEA(D/H)-box RNA helicase family protein (TAIR:AT5G60990.1); Has 43946 Blast hits to 42938 proteins in 3095 species: Archae - 969; Bacteria - 21832; Metazoa - 6240; Fungi - 4948; Plants - 2606; Viruses - 36; Other Eukaryotes - 7315 (source: NCBI BLink).;RNA helicase 36 transcript=eq;prot=eq; GO:0009553 IMP
AT4G31400 ath Encodes CTF7, a homolog of the yeast CTF protein required for the formation of sister chromatid cohesion. Arabidopsis CTF7 is similar to Saccharomyces cerevisiae CTF7 in that it lacks an N-terminal extension, exhibits acetyltransferase activity, and can complement a yeast ctf7 temperature-sensitive mutation. Arabidopsis CTF7 is critical for female gametophyte and embryo development, but not for the establishment of mitotic cohesion during microgametogenesis or during endosperm development.;damaged DNA binding;DNA-directed DNA polymerases transcript=eq;prot=eq; GO:0009553 IMP
AT4G18830 ath Member of the ovate protein family.Interacts with BLH1 and KNAT3. Regulates the subcellular localization of BLH1.;ovate family protein 5 transcript=eq;prot=eq; GO:0009553 IMP
AT3G06400 ath Encodes a SWI2/SNF2 chromatin remodeling protein belonging to the ISWI family. Involved in nuclear proliferation during megagametogenesis and cell expansion in the sporophyte. Constitutively expressed. RNAi induced loss of function in megagametogenesis results in female sterility.35S:RNAi plants have reduced stature.;chromatin-remodeling protein 11 transcript=eq;prot=eq; GO:0009553 IMP
AT3G61650 ath Required for centrosomal and noncentrosomal microtubule nucleation. Involved in specification of cell identity, such as stomatal patterning. Constitutively expressed throughout plant.;gamma-tubulin transcript=eq;prot=eq; GO:0009553 IGI
AT5G17020 ath Encodes a member of the exportin protein family (XPO1A) which functions as receptors for nuclear export. Binds to a variety of proteins having leucine rich export signals.Along with XPO1B involved with development of the male and female gametophytes.;exportin 1A transcript=eq;prot=eq; GO:0009553 IGI
AT4G16280 ath Involved in the promotion of the transition of the vegetative meristem to reproductive development. Four forms of the protein (alpha, beta, delta and gamma) are produced by alternative splicing. Involved in RNA-mediated chromatin silencing. At one point it was believed to act as an abscisic acid receptor but the paper describing that function was retracted.;RNA binding;abscisic acid binding transcript=eq;prot=eq; GO:0009553 IGI
AT5G62230 ath Encodes a receptor-like kinase that, together with ER and ERL2 governs the initial decision of protodermal cells to either divide proliferatively to produce pavement cells or divide asymmetrically to generate stomatal complexes. It is important for maintaining stomatal stem cell activity and preventing terminal differentiation of the meristemoid into the guard mother cell. Along with erl2 functionally compensates for loss of erecta during integument development.;ERECTA-like 1 transcript=eq;prot=eq; GO:0009553 IGI
AT4G18770 ath MYB98 is a member of the R2R3-MYB gene family, the members of which likely encode transcription factors. Within an ovule, MYB98 is expressed exclusively in the synergid cells, and mutations in this gene affect the female gametophyte specifically. myb98 female gametophytes are affected in two unique features of the synergid cell, pollen tube guidance and the filiform apparatus, but are otherwise normal. This suggests that MYB98 controls the development of specific features within the synergid cell during female gametophyte development. MYB98 also is expressed in trichomes and endosperm. Homozygous myb98 mutants exhibit no sporophytic defects, including trichome and endosperm defects.;myb domain protein 98 transcript=eq;prot=eq; GO:0009553 IMP
AT1G72970 ath Originally identified as a mutation that causes floral organs to fuse together. About 10-20% of mutants also have defects in ovules. Mutants have reduced fertility most likely as because of fusions that pistil emergence. The protein has similarity to the mandelonitrile lyase family of FAD containing oxidoreductases and is predicted to be secreted (SignalP).It is expressed in all tissue layers of roots, inflorescences, stems, leaves, and flowers and is also expressed in siliques. Expression is highest in inflorescence and flower tissue.Transmission of mutant alleles to the progeny shows non mendelian segregation- a percentage of mutant alleles revert back to a previous parental (e.g. grandparental) wild type allele. It has been suggested that an RNA template driven or other extra-DNA genomic mechanism may be responsible for the non-mendelian inheritance of HTH. Reversion events in alleles at other loci have also been observed to occur in plants with an hth mutant background indicating a genome wide effect.;Glucose-methanol-choline (GMC) oxidoreductase family protein transcript=eq;prot=eq; GO:0009553 IMP
AT2G47990 ath Encodes a transducin family nucleolar protein with six WD40 repeats that is most likely involved in 18S rRNA biogenesis. The slow progression of the gametophytic division cycles in swa1 suggested that the SWA1 protein is required for the normal progression of mitotic division cycles through the regulation of cell metabolism. Ubiquitously expressed throughout the plant.;transducin family protein / WD-40 repeat family protein transcript=eq;prot=eq; GO:0009553 IMP
AT5G44700 ath Encodes GASSHO2 (GSO2), a putative leucine-rich repeat transmembrane-type receptor kinase. GSO2 and a homolog GSO1 (At4g20140) are required for the formation of a normal epidermal surface during embryogenesis.;Leucine-rich repeat transmembrane protein kinase transcript=eq;prot=eq; GO:0009553 IMP
AT1G72440 ath Encodes SLOW WALKER2 (SWA2), a NOC1/Mak21 homologue. Essential for coordinated cell cycle progression during female gametophyte development.;CCAAT-binding factor transcript=eq;prot=eq; GO:0009553 IMP
AT1G05690 ath BTB and TAZ domain protein. Acts redunantly with BT1 and BT2 during female gametophyte development. Acts with BT2 during male gametophyte development.;BTB and TAZ domain protein 3 transcript=eq;prot=eq; GO:0009553 IGI
AT2G47470 ath Encodes a protein disulfide isomerase-like (PDIL) protein, a member of a multigene family within the thioredoxin (TRX) superfamily. Transcript levels for this gene are up-regulated in response to three different chemical inducers of ER stress (dithiothreitol, beta-mercaptoethanol, and tunicamycin). AtIRE1-2 does not appear to be required for this response, but the atbzip60 mutant has a diminished response.;thioredoxin family protein transcript=eq;prot=eq; GO:0009553 IMP
AT2G47430 ath Encodes a putative plasma membrane-bound hybrid histidine kinase and cytokinin sensor that is expressed within the female gametophyte.;Signal transduction histidine kinase transcript=eq;prot=eq; GO:0009553 IMP
AT5G52520 ath OVULE ABORTION 6 (OVA6); FUNCTIONS IN: proline-tRNA ligase activity, aminoacyl-tRNA ligase activity, nucleotide binding, ATP binding; INVOLVED IN: regulation of photosynthesis, embryo sac development, seed development, tRNA aminoacylation for protein translation, ovule development; LOCATED IN: mitochondrion, chloroplast, chloroplast stroma; EXPRESSED IN: 23 plant structures; EXPRESSED DURING: 14 growth stages; CONTAINS InterPro DOMAIN/s: Aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase, class II (G/ H/ P/ S), conserved domain (InterPro:IPR002314), Prolyl-tRNA synthetase, class IIa, prokaryotic-type (InterPro:IPR004499), Prolyl-tRNA synthetase, class II, C-terminal (InterPro:IPR016061), Anticodon-binding (InterPro:IPR004154), Prolyl-tRNA synthetase, class II (InterPro:IPR017449), Prolyl-tRNA synthetase, class IIa, conserved region (InterPro:IPR002316), Aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase, class II, conserved domain (InterPro:IPR006195); BEST Arabidopsis thaliana protein match is: Class II aaRS and biotin synthetases superfamily protein (TAIR:AT3G62120.2); Has 1807 Blast hits to 1807 proteins in 277 species: Archae - 0; Bacteria - 0; Metazoa - 736; Fungi - 347; Plants - 385; Viruses - 0; Other Eukaryotes - 339 (source: NCBI BLink).;Class II aaRS and biotin synthetases superfamily protein transcript=eq;prot=eq; GO:0009553 IMP
AT5G48030 ath encodes a mitochondrially targeted DNAJ protein involved in female gametophyte development.;gametophytic factor 2 transcript=eq;prot=eq; GO:0009553 IMP
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