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cellular transition metal ion homeostasis
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gene_id species description comment go evidence
AT5G63530 ath Farnesylated protein that binds metals.;farnesylated protein 3 transcript=eq;prot=eq; GO:0046916 TAS
PT12G09750 ptr PACid=17333068;name=POPTR_0012s10320;alias=pt016036m; transcript=eq;prot=eq;protein_id=17333068; GO:0046916 ISO
PT15G10210 ptr PACid=17341657;name=POPTR_0015s11160;alias=pt000903m,gw1.XV.2217.1; transcript=eq;prot=eq;protein_id=17341657; GO:0046916 ISO
RC30147G03730 rco name=30147.m014470;gene=30147.t000741;note=30147.t000741;transcript=eq;prot=eq GO:0046916 ISO
TC03G015160 tca RNAname=Tc03_t015160;GeneName=Tc03_g015160;transcript=eq;prot=eq GO:0046916 ISO
AL8G30100 aly name=fgenesh2_kg.8__2357__AT5G63530.2;pid=496541;prot=eq;tid=496541 GO:0046916 ISO
AL0G08180 aly name=fgenesh2_kg.386__2__AT5G63530.2;pid=497416;prot=eq;tid=497416 GO:0046916 ISO
AL0G03430 aly name=Al_scaffold_0063_5;pid=855979;prot=eq;tid=887492 GO:0046916 ISO
AL8G14870 aly name=fgenesh2_kg.8__952__AT5G50740.1;pid=495136;prot=eq;tid=495136 GO:0046916 ISO
AT5G50740 ath Heavy metal transport/detoxification superfamily protein ; FUNCTIONS IN: metal ion binding; INVOLVED IN: metal ion transport; LOCATED IN: cellular_component unknown; EXPRESSED IN: 20 plant structures; EXPRESSED DURING: 13 growth stages; CONTAINS InterPro DOMAIN/s: Heavy metal transport/detoxification protein (InterPro:IPR006121); BEST Arabidopsis thaliana protein match is: farnesylated protein 3 (TAIR:AT5G63530.2); Has 30201 Blast hits to 17322 proteins in 780 species: Archae - 12; Bacteria - 1396; Metazoa - 17338; Fungi - 3422; Plants - 5037; Viruses - 0; Other Eukaryotes - 2996 (source: NCBI BLink).;Heavy metal transport/detoxification superfamily protein transcript=eq;prot=eq; GO:0046916 ISO
CP00004G01590 cpa name=evm.TU.supercontig_4.159;pid=evm.TU.supercontig_4.159;prot=eq;transcript=eq GO:0046916 ISO
LJ0G259700 lja partial;prot=eq;transcript=eq;scaffold=LjSGA_086801;name=LjSGA_086801.1 GO:0046916 ISO
FV0G09700 fve Superoxide dismutase 1 copper chaperone (probable) transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=gene06290 GO:0046916 ISO
MD00G000130 mdo transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=MDP0000161311;tid=MDP0000161311;contig=MDC000005.475 GO:0046916 ISO
MT3G099040 mtr Unknown Protein (AHRD V1); contains Interpro domain(s) IPR006121 Heavy metal transport/detoxification protein transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=Medtr3g099040.1; GO:0046916 ISO
MT4G006650 mtr Aquaporin NIP6-1 (AHRD V1 *--- Q9SAI4); contains Interpro domain(s) IPR000425 Major intrinsic protein transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=Medtr4g006650.1; GO:0046916 ISO
MT3G099030 mtr Unknown Protein (AHRD V1); contains Interpro domain(s) IPR006121 Heavy metal transport/detoxification protein transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=Medtr3g099030.1; GO:0046916 ISO
GM06G17680 gma 06 pid=16263311;transcript=eq;prot=eq;name=Glyma06g17680.1 GO:0046916 ISO
GM04G37410 gma 04 pid=16257043;transcript=eq;prot=eq;name=Glyma04g37410.1 GO:0046916 ISO
VV17G08390 vvi name=GSVIVG01008573001; transcript=eq;prot=eq;name=GSVIVG01008573001;pid=GSVIVG01008573001;tid=GSVIVT01008573001; GO:0046916 ISO
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