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AT3G12280 ath Encodes a retinoblastoma homologue RETINOBLASTOMA-RELATED protein (RBR or RBR1). RBR controls nuclear proliferation in the female gametophyte. Also required for correct differentiation of male gametophytic cell types. Regulates stem cell maintenance in Arabidopsis roots. Involved in the determination of cell cycle arrest in G1 phase after sucrose starvation. RBR1 is also involved in regulation of imprinted genes. Together with MSI1 it represses the expression of MET1. This in turn activates expression of the imprinted genes FIS2 and FWA.;retinoblastoma-related 1 transcript=eq;prot=eq; GO:0001708 IMP
AT5G41315 ath encodes a basic helix loop helix domain protein that interacts with GL1 in trichome development.;basic helix-loop-helix (bHLH) DNA-binding superfamily protein transcript=eq;prot=eq; GO:0001708 IMP
AT4G08150 ath A member of class I knotted1-like homeobox gene family (together with KNAT2). Similar to the knotted1 (kn1) homeobox gene of maize. Normally expressed in the peripheral and rib zone of shoot apical meristem but not in the leaf primordia. It is also expressed in the fourth floral whorl, in the region that would become style, particularly in the cell surrounding the transmitting tissue. No expression was detected in the first three floral whorls. Expression is repressed by auxin and AS1 which results in the promotion of leaf fate.;KNOTTED-like from Arabidopsis thaliana transcript=eq;prot=eq; GO:0001708 IMP
AT1G55350 ath Similar to maize DEK1, a gene encoding a membrane protein of the calpain gene superfamily required for aleurone cell development in the endosperm of maize grains. A key component of the embryonic L1 cell-layer specification pathway.;calpain-type cysteine protease family transcript=eq;prot=eq; GO:0001708 IMP
AT4G13750 ath Encodes NO VEIN (NOV), a plant-specific nuclear factor required for leaf vascular development, cellular patterning and stem cell maintenance in the root meristem, as well as for cotyledon outgrowth and separation. nov mutations affect many aspects of auxin-dependent development without directly affecting auxin perception.;Histidine kinase-, DNA gyrase B-, and HSP90-like ATPase family protein transcript=eq;prot=eq; GO:0001708 IMP
AT3G24225 ath Member of a large family of putative ligands homologous to the Clavata3 gene. Consists of a single exon. Can partially replace CLV3 function in vivo. Regulates root meristem size in a SCR and SHR-independent pathway.;CLAVATA3/ESR-RELATED 19 transcript=eq;prot=eq; GO:0001708 IMP
AT1G24260 ath Member of the MADs box transcription factor family. SEP3 is redundant with SEP1 and 2. Flowers of SEP1/2/3 triple mutants show a conversion of petals and stamens to sepals.SEP3 forms heterotetrameric complexes with other MADS box family members and binds to the CArG box motif.;K-box region and MADS-box transcription factor family protein transcript=eq;prot=eq; GO:0001708 IMP
AT3G27920 ath Encodes a Myb-like protein that is required for induction of trichome development.;myb domain protein 0 transcript=eq;prot=eq; GO:0001708 IMP
AT5G12990 ath Member of a large family of putative ligands homologous to the Clavata3 gene. Consists of a single exon.;CLAVATA3/ESR-RELATED 40 transcript=eq;prot=eq; GO:0001708 IMP
PT02G11200 ptr PACid=17302363;name=POPTR_0002s11390;alias=pt022216m; transcript=eq;prot=eq;protein_id=17302363; GO:0001708 ISO
CP00160G00210 cpa name=evm.TU.supercontig_160.21;pid=evm.TU.supercontig_160.21;prot=eq;transcript=eq GO:0001708 ISO
MD00G365470 mdo transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=MDP0000722139;tid=MDP0000722139;contig=MDC016467.170 GO:0001708 ISO
MD15G001330 mdo transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=MDP0000599531;tid=MDP0000599531;contig=MDC002007.152 GO:0001708 ISO
MD00G485200 mdo transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=MDP0000637194;tid=MDP0000637194;contig=MDC022724.189 GO:0001708 ISO
MD00G435950 mdo transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=MDP0000222448;tid=MDP0000222448;contig=MDC019954.262 GO:0001708 ISO
MD00G146500 mdo transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=MDP0000280307;tid=MDP0000280307;contig=MDC006297.354 GO:0001708 ISO
FV2G32290 fve Homeobox protein knotted-1-like 2 (similar to) transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=gene02647 GO:0001708 ISO
GM14G10430 gma 14 pid=16295058;transcript=eq;prot=eq;name=Glyma14g10430.1 GO:0001708 ISO
GM00G00185 gma 41 pid=16242708;transcript=eq;prot=eq;name=Glyma0041s00360.1 GO:0001708 ISO
TC08G006810 tca RNAname=Tc08_t006810;GeneName=Tc08_g006810;transcript=eq;prot=eq GO:0001708 ISO
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