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gene_id species description comment strand chr type
OT10G03060 ota Thioredoxin/protein disulfide isomerase (ISS); name=OT10G03060;protein_id=CAL56264.1;prot=eq - chrom10 coding
OT03G06020 ota protein disulfide isomerase (ISS); name=OT03G06020;protein_id=CAL53253.1;prot=eq + chrom03 coding
OT18G00250 ota NADPH thioredoxin reductase (ISS); name=OT18G00250;protein_id=CAL58472.1;prot=eq;partial=yes - chrom18 coding
OT15G00480 ota name=OT15G00480;protein_id=CAL57466.1;prot=eq - chrom15 coding
OT04G02880 ota OSJNBb0011E04.120 gene product (ISS); name=OT04G02880;protein_id=CAL51686.1;prot=eq - chrom04 coding
OT08G03620 ota Thioredoxin/protein disulfide isomerase (ISS); name=OT08G03620;protein_id=CAL55100.1;prot=eq - chrom08 coding
OT17G01670 ota MGC80314 protein (ISS); name=OT17G01670;protein_id=CAL57894.1;prot=eq - chrom17 coding
OT10G03450 ota putative UV-damaged DNA binding factor (ISS); name=OT10G03450;protein_id=CAL56303.1;prot=eq - chrom10 coding
OT14G00450 ota APS reductase (ISS); name=OT14G00450;protein_id=CAL56791.1;prot=eq - chrom14 coding
OT06G01850 ota protein disulfide isomerase, putative (ISS); name=OT06G01850;protein_id=CAL53444.1;prot=eq - chrom06 coding
OT05G01170 ota Thioredoxin (ISS); name=OT05G01170;protein_id=CAL53872.1;prot=eq;partial=yes + chrom05 coding
PP00084G01570 ppa NULL name=estExt_gwp_gw1.C_840217,pid=185663,prot=eq,tid=185663 + scaffold_84 coding
PP00003G01640 ppa NULL name=fgenesh1_pg.scaffold_3000180,pid=64728,prot=eq,tid=64728 - scaffold_3 coding
PP00115G00560 ppa NULL name=e_gw1.115.118.1,pid=134919,prot=eq,tid=134919 - scaffold_115 coding
PP00083G01180 ppa NULL name=e_gw1.83.51.1,pid=130646,prot=eq,tid=130646 - scaffold_83 coding
PP00012G00230 ppa NULL name=e_gw1.12.251.1,pid=114968,prot=eq,tid=114968 + scaffold_12 coding
PP00004G01290 ppa NULL name=e_gw1.4.59.1,pid=112402,prot=eq,tid=112402 - scaffold_4 coding
PP00545G00080 ppa NULL name=estExt_fgenesh1_pg.C_5450010,pid=173694,prot=eq,tid=173694 + scaffold_545 coding
PP00133G00600 ppa NULL name=gw1.133.112.1,pid=48042,prot=eq,tid=48042 + scaffold_133 coding
PP00133G00610 ppa NULL name=gw1.133.113.1,pid=48043,prot=eq,tid=48043 + scaffold_133 coding
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