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gene_id species description comment go evidence
OT01G00050 ota Na+/H+ antiporter, isoform 2 (ISS); name=OT01G00050;protein_id=CAL49916.1;prot=eq GO:0006885 IEA
OT01G00410 ota putative nuclear antigen 21D7 (ISS); name=OT01G00410;protein_id=CAL49952.1;prot=eq;partial=yes GO:0042176 IEA
OT01G00670 ota thioredoxin I (ISS); name=OT01G00670;protein_id=CAL49978.1;prot=eq GO:0045454 IEA
OT01G00710 ota Protein disulfide isomerase (prolyl 4-hydroxylase beta subunit) (ISS); name=OT01G00710;protein_id=CAL49982.1;prot=eq GO:0045454 IEA
OT01G01090 ota name=OT01G01090;protein_id=CAL50020.1;prot=eq GO:0006357 IEA
OT01G01640 ota RabGAP/TBC domain-containing protein-like (ISS); name=OT01G01640;protein_id=CAL50075.1;prot=eq GO:0032313 IEA
OT01G02110 ota basal transcription factor complex subunit-related (ISS); name=OT01G02110;protein_id=CAL50122.1;prot=eq GO:0006355 IEA
OT01G02250 ota TPA: actin-related protein 3; AtARP3 (ISS); name=OT01G02250;protein_id=CAL50136.1;prot=eq GO:0030833 IEA
OT01G02720 ota Thioredoxin-like protein (ISS); name=OT01G02720;protein_id=CAL50184.1;prot=eq GO:0045454 IEA
OT01G02770 ota adenylyl cyclase, CYR (ISS); name=OT01G02770;protein_id=CAL50189.1;prot=eq GO:0007242 IEA
OT01G02780 ota name=OT01G02780;protein_id=CAL50190.1;prot=eq GO:0007165 IEA
OT01G03160 ota NHL repeat (ISS); name=OT01G03160;protein_id=CAL50227.1;prot=eq GO:0045905 IEA
OT01G03160 ota NHL repeat (ISS); name=OT01G03160;protein_id=CAL50227.1;prot=eq GO:0006452 IEA
OT01G03160 ota NHL repeat (ISS); name=OT01G03160;protein_id=CAL50227.1;prot=eq GO:0045901 IEA
OT01G03790 ota Transcriptional activator FOSB/c-Fos and related bZIP transcription factors (ISS); name=OT01G03790;protein_id=CAL50290.1;prot=eq GO:0006355 IEA
OT01G03900 ota Histone deacetylase complex, SIN3 component (ISS); name=OT01G03900;protein_id=CAL50301.1;prot=eq GO:0006355 IEA
OT01G04040 ota MDN1, midasin homolog (ISS); name=OT01G04040;protein_id=CAL50315.1;prot=eq GO:0006355 IEA
OT01G04050 ota histone H1-like protein (ISS); name=OT01G04050;protein_id=CAL50316.1;prot=eq GO:0045449 IEA
OT01G04150 ota thioredoxin reductase TR1 (ISS); name=OT01G04150;protein_id=CAL50326.1;prot=eq GO:0045454 IEA
OT01G04240 ota Glutaredoxin and related proteins (ISS); name=OT01G04240;protein_id=CAL50338.1;prot=eq GO:0045454 IEA
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