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gene_id species description comment strand chr outlier
FV0G00070 fve LIM and UIM domain-containing At1g19270 (probable) transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=gene03583 + scf0513158 No
FV0G27020 fve Aspartic proteinase sxa1, Precursor (probable) transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=gene16706 - scf0513168 No
FV0G57690 fve AP-1 complex subunit beta (probable) transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=gene33193 - scf0510459 No
FV2G01670 fve Tryptophan dimethylallyltransferase 1 (DMATS 1) (probable) transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=gene25263 - LG2 No
FV2G22220 fve Beta-fructofuranosidase, soluble isoenzyme I, Precursor (probable) transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=gene32623 - LG2 No
FV2G32400 fve Photosystem II CP43 chlorophyll apoprotein, Precursor (probable) transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=gene02657 - LG2 No
FV2G32410 fve Toll-like receptor 1 (TIL), Precursor (probable) transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=gene02658 - LG2 No
FV3G36030 fve Outer capsid glycoprotein VP7, Precursor (probable) transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=gene01601 + LG3 No
FV4G21410 fve Acetylcholinesterase (AChE), Precursor (probable) transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=gene22894 + LG4 No
FV5G06660 fve Isocitrate dehydrogenase [NADP] (IDH) (probable) transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=gene31778 + LG5 No
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