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gene_id species description comment strand chr outlier
FV0G42790 fve Pleckstrin homology domain-containing family H member 1 (probable) transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=gene05259 - scf0513155 No
FV0G42950 fve Leukocyte elastase inhibitor (LEI) (probable) transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=gene05202 - scf0513155 No
FV0G45350 fve Octanoyltransferase (probable) transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=gene34313 - scf0513090 Yes
FV0G45360 fve Potassium voltage-gated channel subfamily H member 3 (ELK channel 2) (probable) transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=gene28818 - scf0513090 Yes
FV0G52100 fve hypothetical protein transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=gene02937 - scf0512516 Yes
FV0G54170 fve F-box only protein 37 (similar to) transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=gene32776 - scf0510541 Yes
FV0G54880 fve Tetraacyldisaccharide 4'-kinase (probable) transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=gene02812 + scf0512860 No
FV0G56370 fve DNA repair and recombination protein pif1, mitochondrial, Precursor (probable) transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=gene33388 - scf0511926 No
FV0G60290 fve Myosin-11 (probable) transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=gene02886 - scf0512049 Yes
FV0G61530 fve hypothetical protein transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=gene32976 - scf0510154 Yes
FV0G62500 fve Putative E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase protein PFF1365c (probable) transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=gene33338 - scf0511624 No
FV1G02690 fve hypothetical protein transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=gene10219 - LG1 No
FV1G23430 fve Bacteriophage SPP1 adsorption protein yueB (probable) transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=gene10420 + LG1 No
FV1G23540 fve Peptidyl-prolyl isomerase CWC27 (probable) transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=gene31766 - LG1 No
FV1G23550 fve Penton protein (probable) transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=gene31767 - LG1 No
FV2G00110 fve 1-phosphatidylinositol-4,5-bisphosphate phosphodiesterase delta-4 (Phospholipase C-delta-4) (probable) transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=gene02131 + LG2 No
FV2G47240 fve DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit beta' (RNAP subunit beta') (probable) transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=gene16133 + LG2 No
FV2G48090 fve DNA repair protein RAD5 (probable) transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=gene14628 + LG2 Yes
FV3G15430 fve hypothetical protein transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=gene28977 - LG3 No
FV3G17980 fve DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit beta' (RNAP subunit beta') (probable) transcript=eq;prot=eq;pid=gene27218 - LG3 No
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