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gene_id species description comment strand chr outlier
OT02G03250 ota Rab1 small GTPase from the Rab subfamily (IC); name=OT02G03250;protein_id=CAL52204.1;prot=eq + chrom02 No
OT04G01900 ota possible apospory-associated protein (ISS); name=OT04G01900;protein_id=CAL51588.1;prot=eq + chrom04 No
OT05G01980 ota putative GTP-binding protein RAB1Y (ISS); name=OT05G01980;protein_id=CAL53953.1;prot=eq + chrom05 No
OT05G02380 ota Rab-type small GTP-binding protein-like (ISS); name=OT05G02380;protein_id=CAL53993.1;prot=eq - chrom05 No
OT05G02390 ota putative ras-related protein (ISS); name=OT05G02390;protein_id=CAL53994.1;prot=eq - chrom05 Yes
OT06G02360 ota GTPase Rab5/YPT51 and related small G protein superfamily GTPases (ISS); name=OT06G02360;protein_id=CAL53495.1;prot=eq + chrom06 No
OT06G03220 ota Rac3 (ISS); name=OT06G03220;protein_id=CAL53581.1;prot=eq + chrom06 No
OT07G00700 ota YptC4 (ISS); name=OT07G00700;protein_id=CAL54343.1;prot=eq + chrom07 No
OT07G00720 ota YptC1 (ISS); name=OT07G00720;protein_id=CAL54345.1;prot=eq - chrom07 No
OT08G02530 ota GTP binding protein (ISS); name=OT08G02530;protein_id=CAL54991.1;prot=eq;partial=yes + chrom08 No
OT09G03940 ota ras-related protein RAB-5 (ISS); name=OT09G03940;protein_id=CAL55553.1;prot=eq + chrom09 No
OT13G01210 ota GTP-binding protein (ISS); name=OT13G01210;protein_id=CAL56449.1;prot=eq - chrom13 No
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