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gene_id species description comment outlier go evidence
AT2G18950 ath Encodes homogentisate phytyltransferase involved in tocopherol biosynthesis. Has impact on seed longevity and plays a role in the adaptation to low temperature stress, notably phloem loading.;homogentisate phytyltransferase 1 transcript=eq;prot=eq; No GO:0016021 IEA
AT3G11945 ath Encodes a protein involved in plastoquinone-9 biosynthesis. The enzyme possesses homogentisate prenyltransferase activity and was shown to use solanesyl diphosphate, farnesyl diphosphate and geranylgeranyldiphosphate as prenyl donors, but not phytyldiphosphate. This gene At3g11945 derives from a split of At3g11950, publications Tian et al (2007) and Sadre et al (2006) refer to this gene as At3g11950.;homogentisate prenyltransferase transcript=eq;prot=eq; No GO:0016021 IEA
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