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gene_id species description comment outlier go evidence
SB01G003470 sbi 1 prot=eq;pid=5047845;tid=5047845 No GO:0044237 IEA
SB01G003480 sbi 1 prot=eq;pid=5047846;tid=5047846 No GO:0044237 IEA
SB01G018005 sbi 1 prot=eq;pid=5028895;tid=5028895 No GO:0008152 IEA
SB01G028030 sbi 1 prot=eq;pid=5048999;tid=5048999 No GO:0044237 IEA
SB01G046720 sbi 1 prot=eq;pid=5050176;tid=5050176 No GO:0044237 IEA
SB02G014910 sbi 2 prot=eq;pid=5050974;tid=5050974 No GO:0044237 IEA
SB02G028580 sbi 2 prot=eq;pid=5051385;tid=5051385 No GO:0044237 IEA
SB02G028590 sbi 2 prot=eq;pid=5051386;tid=5051386 No GO:0044237 IEA
SB02G028600 sbi 2 prot=eq;pid=5051387;tid=5051387 No GO:0044237 IEA
SB02G028610 sbi 2 prot=eq;pid=5034070;tid=5034070 No GO:0044237 IEA
SB02G028620 sbi 2 prot=eq;pid=5034071;tid=5034071 No GO:0044237 IEA
SB02G028700 sbi 2 prot=eq;pid=5051391;tid=5051391 No GO:0044237 IEA
SB02G038520 sbi 2 prot=eq;pid=5051982;tid=5051982 No GO:0044237 IEA
SB02G038530 sbi 2 prot=eq;pid=5034615;tid=5034615 No GO:0044237 IEA
SB03G007400 sbi 3 prot=eq;pid=5052750;tid=5052750 No GO:0006413 IEA
SB03G011580 sbi 3 prot=eq;pid=5035607;tid=5035607 No GO:0006694 IEA
SB03G028880 sbi 3 prot=eq;pid=5053398;tid=5053398 No GO:0044237 IEA
SB03G028890 sbi 3 prot=eq;pid=5036294;tid=5036294 No GO:0044237 IEA
SB03G029100 sbi 3 prot=eq;pid=5036308;tid=5036308 No GO:0006694 IEA
SB03G038620 sbi 3 prot=eq;pid=5053945;tid=5053945 No GO:0044237 IEA
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