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Physcomitrella patens (67 genes)

The gene family HOM001840 has 67 genes in 1 species (0 outlier genes).
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Tandem/block/both gene duplicate percentage within this gene family :
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gene_id species description comment strand chr outlier
PP00015G00670 ppa NULL name=fgenesh1_pg.scaffold_15000077,pid=67545,prot=eq,tid=67545 - scaffold_15 No
PP00019G00760 ppa NULL name=fgenesh1_pg.scaffold_19000083,pid=68550,prot=eq,tid=68550 - scaffold_19 No
PP00023G01050 ppa NULL name=fgenesh1_pg.scaffold_23000105,pid=69503,prot=eq,tid=69503 - scaffold_23 No
PP00027G00180 ppa NULL name=fgenesh1_pg.scaffold_27000019,pid=70190,prot=eq,tid=70190 + scaffold_27 No
PP00039G01800 ppa NULL name=estExt_fgenesh1_pg.C_390190,pid=162152,prot=eq,tid=162152 + scaffold_39 No
PP00050G00290 ppa NULL name=fgenesh1_pg.scaffold_50000028,pid=74913,prot=eq,tid=74913 - scaffold_50 No
PP00050G01000 ppa NULL name=fgenesh1_pg.scaffold_50000103,pid=74988,prot=eq,tid=74988 - scaffold_50 No
PP00053G00880 ppa NULL name=fgenesh1_pg.scaffold_53000094,pid=75490,prot=eq,tid=75490 - scaffold_53 No
PP00057G00020 ppa NULL name=fgenesh1_pg.scaffold_57000002,pid=76094,prot=eq,tid=76094 + scaffold_57 No
PP00057G00160 ppa NULL name=fgenesh1_pg.scaffold_57000016,pid=76108,prot=eq,tid=76108 - scaffold_57 No
PP00059G00960 ppa NULL name=fgenesh1_pg.scaffold_59000129,pid=76531,prot=eq,tid=76531 - scaffold_59 No
PP00060G00110 ppa NULL name=fgenesh1_pg.scaffold_60000010,pid=76627,prot=eq,tid=76627 + scaffold_60 No
PP00063G00840 ppa NULL name=fgenesh1_pg.scaffold_63000092,pid=77209,prot=eq,tid=77209 + scaffold_63 No
PP00070G01140 ppa NULL name=fgenesh1_pg.scaffold_70000135,pid=78318,prot=eq,tid=78318 + scaffold_70 No
PP00081G01340 ppa NULL name=fgenesh1_pg.scaffold_81000147,pid=79829,prot=eq,tid=79829 - scaffold_81 No
PP00083G01330 ppa NULL name=fgenesh1_pg.scaffold_83000153,pid=80078,prot=eq,tid=80078 - scaffold_83 No
PP00084G00100 ppa NULL name=fgenesh1_pg.scaffold_84000012,pid=80102,prot=eq,tid=80102 - scaffold_84 No
PP00084G00320 ppa NULL name=fgenesh1_pg.scaffold_84000033,pid=80123,prot=eq,tid=80123 - scaffold_84 No
PP00084G00940 ppa NULL name=fgenesh1_pg.scaffold_84000097,pid=80187,prot=eq,tid=80187 - scaffold_84 No
PP00085G00750 ppa NULL name=fgenesh1_pg.scaffold_85000083,pid=80344,prot=eq,tid=80344 + scaffold_85 No
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