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Brachypodium distachyon
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Gene information

In cluster Gene id Description Gene type Gene family
V BD5G24650Coding geneHOM000012 ORTHO023471
X BD5G24660Coding geneHOM000273 ORTHO011849
X BD5G24670Coding geneHOM000152 ORTHO032938
X BD5G24680Coding geneHOM000562 ORTHO000681
X BD5G24690Autoinhibited H+ P-type ATPase subfamily P3 Cluster 2 from PMID: 12805592. Similar to AtAHA1 Plasma membrane H+ transporter PMID: 2521951Coding geneHOM000314 ORTHO000036
X BD5G24700Coding geneHOM000010 ORTHO239155
V BD5G24710Coding geneHOM000010 ORTHO019769
V BD5G24720Coding geneHOM000010 ORTHO019769
X BD5G24730protein kinase activity (Blast2GO)Coding geneHOM009568 ORTHO023472
X BD5G24737Coding geneHOM000015 ORTHO012778
X BD5G24750protein kinase family protein, putative, expressed, subfamily RLCK-Os4Coding geneHOM000015 ORTHO125395
V BD5G24760protein kinase family protein, putative, expressed, subfamily RLCK-OS4Coding geneHOM000015 ORTHO017892
X BD5G24770Coding genesingleton
X BD5G24780serine-type endopeptidase activity (Blast2GO)Coding geneHOM000020 ORTHO000188
X BD5G24790BTBCoding geneHOM000100 ORTHO027039
X BD5G24800neutral amino acid transmembrane transporter activity, L-amino acid transmembrane transporter activity (Blast2GO)Coding geneHOM000159 ORTHO002048
X BD5G24810neutral amino acid transmembrane transporter activity, L-amino acid transmembrane transporter activity (Blast2GO)Coding geneHOM000159 ORTHO002048
X BD5G24820endoribonuclease activity (Blast2GO)Coding geneHOM001215 ORTHO002290
X BD5G24830Coding geneHOM006167 ORTHO012246
V BD5G24836Coding geneHOM002256 ORTHO000994
X BD5G24842Coding genesingleton
X BD5G24850Similar to UDP-arabinopyranose mutase. Reversibly glycosylated polypeptide. CAZy family GT75.Coding geneHOM000774 ORTHO008771
V BD5G24860Coding geneHOM000834 ORTHO252394
X BD5G24870STE_MEKK_ste11_MAP3K.24 - STE kinases include homologs to sterile 7, sterile 11 and sterile 20 from yeast, expressed, subfamily MEKK_ste11_MAP3KCoding geneHOM000043 ORTHO001243
X BD5G24880Coding geneHOM002831 ORTHO013299
X BD5G24890inositol pentakisphosphate 2-kinase activity, ATP binding (Blast2GO)Coding geneHOM001087 ORTHO002925
X BD5G24900Coding geneHOM001087 ORTHO008025
V BD5G24910Coding geneHOM006621 ORTHO013300
X BD5G24917Coding geneHOM000825 ORTHO001382
X BD5G24930Coding geneHOM003960 ORTHO005243
X BD5G24937Coding geneHOM013112 ORTHO027040
X BD5G24950transcription coactivator activity (Blast2GO)Coding geneHOM004530 ORTHO004389
X BD5G2496026S, subfamily 19SCoding geneHOM001612 ORTHO001824
X BD5G24967Coding geneHOM000803 ORTHO012486
X BD5G24980Coding geneHOM003614 ORTHO002790
X BD5G24990Coding geneHOM000049 ORTHO004940
X BD5G25000Coding geneHOM000049 ORTHO095772
V BD5G25010Coding geneHOM000049 ORTHO016790
V BD5G25020Coding geneHOM000049 ORTHO016790
X BD5G25030Coding geneHOM000022 ORTHO012197
X BD5G25040Coding geneHOM000779 ORTHO197313
X BD5G25050Coding geneHOM000011 ORTHO008700
X BD5G25060Coding geneHOM000167 ORTHO027041
V BD5G25070GTP cyclohydrolase I activity (Blast2GO)Coding geneHOM003205 ORTHO003383
X BD5G25080inositol or phosphatidylinositol phosphatase activity (Blast2GO)Coding geneHOM000108 ORTHO004842
X BD5G25090ATPase activity (Blast2GO)Coding geneHOM005563 ORTHO019770
X BD5G25100nuclear hormone receptor binding, zinc ion binding (Blast2GO)Coding geneHOM001671 ORTHO006243
X BD5G25110Coding geneHOM000002 ORTHO001638
X BD5G25117Coding geneHOM000002 ORTHO000008
X BD5G25130Coding geneHOM005382 ORTHO008167
X BD5G25140Coding geneHOM026861 ORTHO047331
X BD5G25150Coding geneHOM026861 ORTHO047331
X BD5G25157Coding geneHOM000105 ORTHO009161
X BD5G25170Coding geneHOM000062 ORTHO012247
X BD5G25180WAK receptor-like protein kinase, expressed, subfamily WAKL-OSCoding geneHOM000035 ORTHO229321
V BD5G25190F-BoxCoding geneHOM005537 ORTHO018779
V BD5G25200F-BoxCoding geneHOM008347 ORTHO032939
V BD5G25210Coding geneHOM008347 ORTHO267998
V BD5G25220Coding geneHOM005537 ORTHO032940
V BD5G25230F-BoxCoding geneHOM008347 ORTHO250470
V BD5G25240F-BoxCoding geneHOM005537 ORTHO018779
V BD5G25250F-BoxCoding geneHOM008347 ORTHO139066
X BD5G25260Coding geneHOM002249 ORTHO012736
X BD5G25270Glycosyl hydrolase (GH), subfamily GH32Coding geneHOM000445 ORTHO013281
X BD5G25277Coding geneHOM007826 ORTHO014005
X BD5G25284Coding geneHOM003756 ORTHO005033
X BD5G25291Coding geneHOM009947 ORTHO019680
X BD5G25300GTPase activity (Blast2GO)Coding geneHOM001295 ORTHO003210
X BD5G25310rDNA binding (Blast2GO)Coding geneHOM000787 ORTHO019771
X BD5G25320Coding geneHOM000080 ORTHO005884
X BD5G25330Coding geneHOM004797 ORTHO005863
X BD5G25340KH domain-containing protein similar to zinc finger C-x8-C-x5-C-x3-H type family protein, [Oryza sativa] LOC_Os04g57010Coding geneHOM001746 ORTHO001017
X BD5G25350Coding geneHOM004285 ORTHO005108
X BD5G25360Coding geneHOM004241 ORTHO191157
X BD5G25370Coding geneHOM006543 ORTHO019604
V BD5G25380Coding geneHOM000834 ORTHO019190
X BD5G25390plus-end-directed microtubule motor activity, minus-end-directed microtubule motor activity (Blast2GO)Coding geneHOM000030 ORTHO001904
X BD5G25400phosphatidylcholine:cardiolipin O-linoleoyltransferase (Blast2GO)Coding geneHOM002108 ORTHO006884
X BD5G25407Coding geneHOM000011 ORTHO011590
X BD5G25417Coding geneHOM000011 ORTHO023473
X BD5G25427Coding geneHOM002966 ORTHO027042
X BD5G25440Coding geneHOM000700 ORTHO011766
V BD5G25450F-BoxCoding geneHOM000179 ORTHO006788
X BD5G25460ISG15 ligase activity, ubiquitin-protein ligase activity (Blast2GO)Coding geneHOM000068 ORTHO000303
V BD5G25467Coding geneHOM005266 ORTHO007113
X BD5G25480Coding geneHOM000605 ORTHO006934
X BD5G25490F-BoxCoding geneHOM001693 ORTHO005907
X BD5G25500Coding geneHOM000558 ORTHO000364
V BD5G25506Coding geneHOM003510 ORTHO003204
X BD5G25512Coding geneHOM004488 ORTHO013301
X BD5G25520Coding geneHOM004488 ORTHO013301
X BD5G25530Coding geneHOM004488 ORTHO013301
X BD5G25540Coding geneHOM003156 ORTHO002058
V BD5G25547Coding geneHOM000627 ORTHO010552
V BD5G25560Coding geneHOM000088 ORTHO002897
X BD5G25570Coding geneHOM000010 ORTHO122285
X BD5G25580GTPase activity (Blast2GO)Coding geneHOM001598 ORTHO000565
V BD5G25585Coding geneHOM002137 ORTHO017893
X BD5G25590lysophospholipase activity (Blast2GO)Coding geneHOM003103 ORTHO005317
X BD5G25600phospholipase activity (Blast2GO)Coding geneHOM003103 ORTHO023474
X BD5G25610S-methyl-5-thioribose kinase activity (Blast2GO)Coding geneHOM003366 ORTHO002646
V BD5G25620Coding geneHOM000303 ORTHO009332