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gene_id species description comment strand chr outlier
OT01G02660 ota serine/threonine-protein kinase cdc2l1 (IC); name=OT01G02660;protein_id=CAL50178.1;prot=eq;partial=yes - chrom01 No
OT01G04200 ota Cyclin dependent kinase type-C (IC); name=OT01G04200;protein_id=CAL50331.1;prot=eq - chrom01 No
OT01G05560 ota U4/U6-associated splicing factor PRP4 (ISS); name=OT01G05560;protein_id=CAL50471.1;prot=eq;partial=yes + chrom01 No
OT04G00130 ota Cyclin dependent kinase type-A (IC); name=OT04G00130;protein_id=CAL51410.1;prot=eq - chrom04 No
OT04G00510 ota glycogen synthase kinase 3 (ISS); name=OT04G00510;protein_id=CAL51449.1;prot=eq + chrom04 No
OT04G01790 ota U4/U6-associated splicing factor PRP4 (ISS); name=OT04G01790;protein_id=CAL51577.1;prot=eq - chrom04 No
OT05G02030 ota mitogen-activated protein kinase 2 (ISS); name=OT05G02030;protein_id=CAL53958.1;prot=eq - chrom05 No
OT07G01260 ota CDK activating kinase/cell cycle dependent kinase D (IC); name=OT07G01260;protein_id=CAL54399.1;prot=eq + chrom07 No
OT07G04140 ota Protein kinase PCTAIRE and related kinases (ISS); name=OT07G04140;protein_id=CAL54687.1;prot=eq;partial=yes - chrom07 No
OT08G00430 ota mitogen-activated protein kinase, putative / MAPK, putative (ISS); name=OT08G00430;protein_id=CAL54782.1;prot=eq + chrom08 No
OT09G04000 ota mitogen-activated protein kinase (ISS); name=OT09G04000;protein_id=CAL55559.1;prot=eq - chrom09 No
OT10G03620 ota U4/U6-associated splicing factor PRP4 (ISS); name=OT10G03620;protein_id=CAL56320.1;prot=eq - chrom10 No
OT12G00510 ota putative serine/threonine kinase (ISS); name=OT12G00510;protein_id=CAL57150.1;prot=eq - chrom12 No
OT12G02620 ota putative casein kinase II catalytic (ISS); name=OT12G02620;protein_id=CAL57354.1;prot=eq - chrom12 No
OT15G00120 ota Mitogen-activated protein kinase (ISS); name=OT15G00120;protein_id=CAL57430.1;prot=eq - chrom15 No
OT15G00680 ota cell cycle dependent kinase type B (IC); name=OT15G00680;protein_id=CAL57486.1;prot=eq + chrom15 No
OT18G01860 ota serin/threonin-kinase (ISS); name=OT18G01860;protein_id=CAL58633.1;prot=eq;partial=yes - chrom18 No
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