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gene_id species description comment strand chr outlier
OL01G02950 olu NULL name=fgenesh1_pg.C_Chr_1000223,pid=13763,prot=eq,tid=13763 - Chr_1 No
OL01G04400 olu NULL name=gwEuk.1.255.1,pid=3057,prot=eq,tid=3057 - Chr_1 No
OL01G05830 olu NULL name=e_gwEuk.1.165.1,pid=39942,prot=eq,tid=39942 + Chr_1 No
OL04G00090 olu NULL name=estExt_Genewise_ext.C_Chr_40238,pid=49332,prot=eq,tid=49332 - Chr_4 No
OL04G00390 olu NULL name=estExt_Genewise_ext.C_Chr_40131,pid=49296,prot=eq,tid=49296 + Chr_4 No
OL04G01680 olu NULL name=e_gwEuk.4.205.1,pid=36819,prot=eq,tid=36819 - Chr_4 No
OL05G02020 olu NULL name=e_gwEuk.5.276.1,pid=38865,prot=eq,tid=38865 - Chr_5 No
OL05G02390 olu NULL name=e_gwEuk.5.166.1,pid=38674,prot=eq,tid=38674 - Chr_5 No
OL07G01390 olu NULL name=e_gwEuk.7.225.1,pid=35576,prot=eq,tid=35576 + Chr_7 No
OL07G04200 olu NULL name=eugene.0700010423,pid=32826,prot=eq,tid=32826 - Chr_7 No
OL08G00410 olu NULL name=gwEuk.8.109.1,pid=1909,prot=eq,tid=1909 + Chr_8 No
OL09G00450 olu NULL name=e_gwEuk.9.247.1,pid=35051,prot=eq,tid=35051 + Chr_9 No
OL09G03720 olu NULL name=C_Chr_9000126,pid=94760,prot=eq,tid=94760 - Chr_9 No
OL10G03490 olu NULL name=e_gwEuk.10.120.1,pid=37908,prot=eq,tid=37908 + Chr_10 No
OL12G00610 olu NULL name=fgenesh1_pg.C_Chr_12000045,pid=17513,prot=eq,tid=17513 - Chr_12 No
OL12G02610 olu NULL name=fgenesh1_pm.C_Chr_12000057,pid=13142,prot=eq,tid=13142 - Chr_12 No
OL14G00670 olu NULL name=eugene.1400010069,pid=27354,prot=eq,tid=27354 + Chr_14 No
OL17G01790 olu NULL name=e_gwEuk.17.204.1,pid=42173,prot=eq,tid=42173 - Chr_17 No
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