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PLAZA is an access point for plant comparative genomics centralizing genomic data produced by different genome sequencing initiatives. It integrates plant sequence data and comparative genomics methods and provides an online platform to perform evolutionary analyses and data mining within the green plant lineage (Viridiplantae).

Please use the search functions in the menu bar to search for your favorite gene(s) or use the different Analyze tools to explore gene families and genomic homology. For help and details, please check the Documentation and/or Tutorials.

The PLAZA project receives the majority of its funding through FWO and IWT (see the credits page for a full list of of funding bodies). Non-academic users should contact us for a commercial license.

Reference: PLAZA: a comparative genomics resource to study gene and genome evolution in plants The Plant Cell 21: 3718-3731


PLAZA 2.0 summary

  • integrates structural and functional annotation of 23 plants: 11 dicots, 5 monocots, 2 (club-)mosses and 5 algae
  • includes >840,000 genes, 32,332 multi-gene families (70% are present in multiple species) and 18,166 phylogenetic trees