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gene_id species strand chr type
ccr183480 ccr + HG001460 coding
AC00G76300 acg - scaffold_00062 coding
OL09G02180 olu + Chr_9 coding
gsu125910 gsu - scaf_3 coding
HE0000G27370 hsp - contig_pln.dat.882 coding
PTI_11G03050 ptri - chrom_11 coding
gsu125890 gsu - scaf_3 coding
PTI_02G06260 ptri - chrom_02 coding
MRCC299_15G01420 mrcc299 + Chr_15 coding
RCC4223.06g01810 prcc4223 - s6 coding
OM_12G02770 ome - chrom_12 coding
OL05G03010 olu + Chr_5 coding
PP00302G00300 ppa - scaffold_302 coding
OM_03G03210 ome + chrom_03 coding
ORCC809_05G02950 orcc809 + chr_5 coding
PP00015G01230 ppa + scaffold_15 coding
MRCC299_14G01210 mrcc299 + Chr_14 coding
PI00G63630 pse3 + Picochlorum_contig_43 coding
PTI_04G01710 ptri + chrom_04 coding
OM_10G02180 ome + chrom_10 coding

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