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gene_id species strand chr type
BPRRCC1105_10G01090 bprrcc1105 + chrom_10 coding
BPRRCC1105_06G00610 bprrcc1105 + chrom_06 coding
BPRRCC1105_11G00120 bprrcc1105 + chrom_11 coding
CNC64A_006G00470 cnc64a - scaffold_6 coding
CNC64A_002G01090 cnc64a - scaffold_2 coding
BPRRCC1105_02G05690 bprrcc1105 - chrom_02 coding
AA0023G00710 aan + scaffold_23 coding
BPRRCC1105_09G04720 bprrcc1105 + chrom_09 coding
BPRRCC1105_01G06170 bprrcc1105 + chrom_01 coding
CM05G01130 cme - c05f0001 coding
AA0053G00250 aan - scaffold_53 coding
BPRRCC1105_11G02380 bprrcc1105 + chrom_11 coding
AA0008G00810 aan - scaffold_8 coding
AA0006G02960 aan + scaffold_6 coding
CNC64A_026G00560 cnc64a - scaffold_26 coding
CM11G01960 cme - c11f0001 coding
AA0006G05680 aan - scaffold_6 coding
BPRRCC1105_12G01940 bprrcc1105 + chrom_12 coding
CM15G02410 cme - c15f0005 coding
BPRRCC1105_12G02740 bprrcc1105 + chrom_12 coding

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