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gene_id species strand chr type
RCC4223.132g00100 prcc4223 - s132 coding
OL02G01590 olu - Chr_2 coding
ORCC809_07G04640 orcc809 - chr_7 coding
RCC4223.02g07700 prcc4223 - s2 coding
MRCC299_01G04390 mrcc299 + Chr_01 coding
PTI_05G01260 ptri + chrom_05 coding
PTI_07G04500 ptri + chrom_07 coding
OM_12G00390 ome - chrom_12 coding
RCC4223.02g02200 prcc4223 - s2 coding
PTI_06G02750 ptri + chrom_06 coding
PP00025G00710 ppa + scaffold_25 coding
MRCC299_03G03500 mrcc299 - Chr_03 coding
PTI_05G00680 ptri + chrom_05 coding
PP00037G00260 ppa - scaffold_37 coding
ORCC809_03G01410 orcc809 + chr_3 coding
PTI_08G04010 ptri + chrom_08 coding
PI00G65570 pse3 - Picochlorum_contig_106 coding
gsu33370 gsu + scaf_50 coding
PI00G57240 pse3 - Picochlorum_contig_275 coding
OM_04G04000 ome + chrom_04 coding

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