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gene_id species strand chr type
TP02G03750 tps + chr_2 coding
FC001G05230 fcy + scaffold_1 coding
TP06G05910 tps - chr_6 coding
FC007G08160 fcy - scaffold_7 coding
ENSG00000277033 hom - CHR_HSCHR17_1_CTG9 coding
OT_07G04680 ota - chrom_07 coding
FC013G00080 fcy + scaffold_13 coding
ES0097G00120 esi - scaffold_97 coding
MP02G06980 mpu - chrom_02 coding
ENSMUSG00000089704 mus + 8 coding
ccr117460 ccr - HG001524 coding
CV00G79960 cvu + scaffold_2 coding
AC00G87070 acg - scaffold_00052 coding
AC00G11680 acg - scaffold_00038 coding
ccr61880 ccr + HG001756 coding
ccr05400 ccr - HG001503 coding
ccr19840 ccr - HG002011 coding
ccr65060 ccr + HG001746 coding
CV00G94770 cvu + scaffold_21 coding
AC00G43480 acg + scaffold_00113 coding

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