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gene_id species strand chr type
OT_10G03210 ota - chrom_10 coding
ES0002G01270 esi + scaffold_2 coding
FC005G00900 fcy + scaffold_5 coding
TP04G06140 tps + chr_4 coding
VC00G70850 vca - scaffold_2 coding
VC00G85530 vca + scaffold_19 coding
MP19G01010 mpu - chrom_19 coding
phs207010 phs - ASM14975v1:scaffold_40 coding
MP02G02040 mpu - chrom_02 coding
OT_02G03020 ota + chrom_02 coding
MP04G03430 mpu - chrom_04 coding
VC00G96190 vca - scaffold_32 coding
MP02G00030 mpu + chrom_02 coding
TP19G00330 tps - chr_19a_19 coding
VC00G15030 vca + scaffold_1 coding
MP19G00210 mpu - chrom_19 coding
ES0064G00480 esi - scaffold_64 coding
phs288390 phs - ASM14975v1:scaffold_17 coding
TP04G01750 tps + chr_4 coding
MP04G05850 mpu - chrom_04 coding

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