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gene_id species strand chr type
gsu55420 gsu - scaf_32 coding
MRCC299_13G04730 mrcc299 - Chr_13 coding
HE0000G36530 hsp + contig_pln.dat.2864 coding
PP00041G00620 ppa - scaffold_41 coding
PP00112G00240 ppa + scaffold_112 coding
PTI_01G01960 ptri - chrom_01 coding
OM_13G03330 ome - chrom_13 coding
RCC4223.09g01180 prcc4223 - s9 coding
PI00G33720 pse3 - Picochlorum_contig_101 coding
PTI_03G05580 ptri - chrom_03 coding
PTI_01G04720 ptri - chrom_01 coding
ORCC809_20G00270 orcc809 + chr_20 coding
PP00073G00180 ppa - scaffold_73 coding
PTI_11G00860 ptri - chrom_11 coding
MRCC299_04G04580 mrcc299 + Chr_04 coding
PP00070G01260 ppa - scaffold_70 coding
PTI_01G00120 ptri - chrom_01 coding
PTI_17G02220 ptri - chrom_17 coding
OM_09G03190 ome + chrom_09 coding
PP00363G00160 ppa - scaffold_363 coding

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