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gene_id species strand chr type
VC00G129080 vca - scaffold_8 coding
OS01G56980 osa - 1 coding
VC00G146720 vca - scaffold_15 coding
phs221580 phs + ASM14975v1:scaffold_35 coding
ES0425G00030 esi - scaffold_425 coding
TP10G01500 tps - chr_10 coding
phs223630 phs + ASM14975v1:scaffold_34 coding
phs221690 phs - ASM14975v1:scaffold_35 coding
TP18G00540 tps + chr_18 coding
FC005G10040 fcy + scaffold_5 coding
FC031G00600 fcy + scaffold_31 coding
TP02G08430 tps - chr_2 coding
VC00G120130 vca + scaffold_13 coding
MP05G03560 mpu - chrom_05 coding
phs224330 phs - ASM14975v1:scaffold_34 coding
OT_14G00320 ota + chrom_14 coding
FC001G13330 fcy + scaffold_1 coding
phs69670 phs - ASM14975v1:scaffold_119 coding
phs201050 phs + ASM14975v1:scaffold_43 coding
ES0045G00520 esi + scaffold_45 coding

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