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gene_id species strand chr type
OS06G41110 osa + 6 coding
ES0056G00640 esi + scaffold_56 coding
MP03G02440 mpu - chrom_03 coding
AC00G61560 acg - scaffold_00021 coding
CV00G45360 cvu + scaffold_4 coding
AC00G50840 acg + scaffold_00118 coding
ccr20000 ccr - HG002011 coding
AP00G56470 apr + contig_KL662078-KL662190.19 coding
ccr144360 ccr + HG002094 coding
AC00G88070 acg + scaffold_00032 coding
OM_14G01210 ome + chrom_14 coding
MRCC299_08G02810 mrcc299 - Chr_08 coding
PP00160G00450 ppa - scaffold_160 coding
MRCC299_14G01540 mrcc299 + Chr_14 coding
gsu23420 gsu + scaf_55 coding
MRCC299_11G05380 mrcc299 + Chr_11 coding
PP00079G00100 ppa + scaffold_79 coding
PTI_10G03930 ptri + chrom_10 coding
PP00028G01980 ppa - scaffold_28 coding
PP00243G00260 ppa + scaffold_243 coding

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