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gene_id species strand chr type
PP00019G00220 ppa - scaffold_19 coding
PP00156G00440 ppa + scaffold_156 coding
PP00004G00240 ppa + scaffold_4 coding
PP00353G00180 ppa - scaffold_353 coding
RCC4223.03g08350 prcc4223 + s3 coding
HE0000G06670 hsp + contig_pln.dat.351 coding
PP00193G00050 ppa - scaffold_193 coding
PP00026G00650 ppa + scaffold_26 coding
OM_17G02230 ome - chrom_17 coding
PP00346G00070 ppa - scaffold_346 coding
PTI_17G01010 ptri + chrom_17 coding
PP00030G01690 ppa + scaffold_30 coding
PP00099G00760 ppa - scaffold_99 coding
PP00081G01240 ppa + scaffold_81 coding
PP00618G00010 ppa - scaffold_618 coding
PP00486G00100 ppa + scaffold_486 coding
PI00G03960 pse3 + Picochlorum_contig_104 coding
PI00G42810 pse3 + Picochlorum_contig_82 coding
PI00G30540 pse3 + Picochlorum_contig_45 coding
MRCC299_05G06940 mrcc299 + Chr_05 coding

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